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High-quality plastic products are significant since we all rely on them daily. After being made, they become indispensable components of our life.

If you want to import plastic products from Vietnam, Vncomex will describe the methods and requirements in this article. 

Read on to dive into the details!

The Beginning

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How to import plastic products from Vietnam?

Plastics appears in nearly every industry, including construction, packaging, consumer goods, textiles, transportation, electrical and electronic equipment, and industrial machinery.

There are more inventions in plastics in Vietnam each year than metal, glass, and paper combined.

Polymer advancements are constantly occurring, and they can revolutionize industries. 

Applications of plastics:

  • Aerospace: Plastics reduce the weight of vehicles, aircraft, boats, and trains. It may significantly reduce fuel usage. As a result of their lightweight plastics, they are instrumental in the transportation business.
  • Construction: Plastics appear in a rising number of building applications. Plastics are versatile with high strength-to-weight ratios, cost-effectiveness, durability, corrosion resistance, and minimal maintenance. These features make them a cost-effective alternative in the construction industry.
  • Electrical and electronic applications: Almost every part of our life depends on electricity. And where there is power, there are also plastics.
  • Packaging: Plastic is an excellent material for packing products. This material is adaptable, hygienic, flexible, lightweight, and long-lasting. It is the most widely used material for packaging in the world. It appears in various packaging applications such as bottles, containers, cups, drums, boxes, trays, vending packaging, infant items, and protective packaging.

The Markets To Import Plastic Products From Vietnam

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This material has various colors and textures

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Plastics are used in many items today, including automobile parts, medical equipment, and computers.

Many of the items we buy today would not exist if it weren’t for transportation. Most wind up in China, where people use things every day.

China’s imports of plastic products grew at the third-fastest rate in 2018, up 14.5 percent from 2017. The following are some of China’s most valued plastic imports:

  • Devices for phone systems, including smartphones – $250.4 billion
  • $44.3 billion in computer parts and accessories
  • $35.8 billion in automobile parts and accessories
  • $21 B – Footwear (rubber or plastic)
  • $18.5 B – Miscellaneous plastic goods

China may be the world’s largest importer of plastic goods, but it is far from alone. Germany, Italy, the United States, and France, respectively, are among the top five nations that bought the most significant dollar value of plastic products in 2018.

Overall, China ($5.41 billion), the USA ($1.07 billion), France ($847 million), Canada ($766 million), and the UK ($752 million) were the biggest importers of plastic housewares from Vietnam in 2019.

How To Import Plastic Products From Vietnam? Shipping Process

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Plastic bottles

Before the actual dispatch of imports, the supplier and importer have to agree on terms & conditions for the sale of imported goods.

Pricing, payment terms, quality criteria, delivery periods, method of transportation, and others are agreed upon and stated in the purchase requisition. 

As you may be aware, any importation of products requires the completion of essential import documents and customs clearance processes in the importing nation.

You have to submit import entry documentation and carrier’s documents (landing/airway bill), certificate of origin, packing list, commercial invoice, and other needed documents for importing plastic items from Vietnam.

You also need to complete all relevant import processes for receiving imported items under plastics and plastic articles.

Exporters and importers of plastics and plastic items must adhere to specific standards for each importing nation.

Some products may be forbidden or limited to import in some countries. So, you need to obtain accurate data at the moment of the actual import.

Although most processes and formalities are the same in all nations following globalization of commerce under the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade, different countries may have specific rules for importing plastic items.

Maritime transit of products from Vietnam takes various times, depending on the cargo’s destination.

It takes to travel from Vietnam to other countries ranges from 15 to 60 days. Unpredictable events might cause additional delays; therefore, shippers must account for them.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

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Plastic straw

Vncomex is a private corporation established to assist and support businesses that already or want to trade internationally.

We have thirty years of global trade expertise and can manage the many issues that arise in daily export operations.

Moreover, we assist numerous firms in exporting various items to various worldwide markets thanks to our knowledge, experience, and abilities.

We also take pleasure in our ability to create and sustain long-term client relationships. Most of our customers have been with us because we initially opened our doors.

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you require ongoing or one-time support, are considering importing for the first time, or are a veteran importer wishing to expand your business.

Our targets are:

  • To assist our clients in overcoming the difficulties of exporting.
  • To be flexible and adaptive when engaging each consumer in the most effective way possible.
  • We will maintain excellent quality, professionalism, and value to guarantee that clients continue to utilize our services.
  • To collaborate with clients and continue to achieve their business goals.
  • We respect each of our client’s businesses as if it were our own.


Plastics may be found almost anywhere. This light, robust polymer appears in everything from garment fibers to medical products to keep our food fresh.

If you want to buy affordable commodities from this flexible material, Vietnam is the place to go. We have a list of manufacturers to compare the price and service.

Overall, these instructions on how to import plastic products from Vietnam are apparent to offer you a general concept of what you’ll need to bring these products from another nation to others. Thank you for reading!

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