Import Plywood From Vietnam: Complete Guides & Shipping Process [hienthinam]

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With the advancement of science and technology, the materials used in the interior are very diverse. As a result, many new materials gradually replace natural wood, including plywood.

If you are looking to import this wood, Vietnam is a potential exporter. This article will provide you with the necessary information related to the topic “import plywood from Vietnam.”

The Beginning Of Vietnamese Plywood

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In 1990, Plywood appeared in wood factories in Vietnam. This wood is made up of several layers of thin boards of the same size stacked continuously in the direction of the grain. 

These thin layers of wood are bonded together by phenol or formaldehyde glue. They are then pressed with a hydraulic press to produce the final product.

Vietnam possesses a diverse source of hardwood with many species, such as Acacia, Ruber, Eucalyptus, Styrax, and more. The country owns a forest area of about 14.6 million hectares, meeting significant domestic and international demand.

Plywood export tax from this country is 0%, making it one of the advantages of importing plywood.


The main types from this county are:

  • Film Faced model
  • Commercial model
  • Packing model
  • Laminated Veneer Lumber (Lvl)

Pros And Cons


  • Good bearing capacity, less deformation, and warping.
  • Good moisture resistance, making it ideal for use in environments with high humidity.
  • Good screwing ability.
  • Competitive price compared to other products.
  • Easy to construct and assemble.


  • It will warp, rough, uneven surface, or easily delamination when placed in a high humidity environment if not handled well.
  • The color is not as uniform as other woods, such as MDF, MFC, or HDF.

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Vietnam Export Market

Currently, many countries are importing plywood from Vietnam, such as the US, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia. The United States has been leading in terms of the import value of this product from Vietnam in recent years.

Here is the list of countries importing plywood from Vietnam (Thousand USD):

Rank The Country 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
1 The US 8628 51290 189699 262257 292811
2 Korea, Republic of 133134 172581 226585 220630 214275
3 Malaysia 26476 32452 79054 51703 62727
4 Japan  34707 41937 58574 44736 46039
5 Thailand 18981 18431 29983 32159 42981
6 Singapore 8420 8557 13437 10582 9678
7 Taipei, Chinese 4936 5070 5989 6240 8316
11 Germany 1555 2390 4398 2641 2494
12 Saudi Arabia 1188 482 1301 2213 1933
13 Australia 426 153 303 560 1913
16 Egypt 543 271 9 1228 1077
22 United Arab Emirates 2182 2088 2124 564 685
World  286314 383655 665269 676020 714469

In 2020, the total export value of this item will reach about 714 million USD, increasing 2.5 times after 5 years. It’s proof of the potential of this export industry in Vietnam.

According to the table above, we can see that the top five markets in importing this item from Vietnam include the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand.

Last year, the United States took the lead in importing plywood from Vietnam, with a total value of up to 292 million USD, a sharp increase compared to 2016. The main reason is that this country is anti-Dumping Duties on China.

Therefore, the US recently switched to importing this item from Vietnam instead of China. So, this year’s export value is expected to continue to increase enormously.

In addition, Korea, Japan, and Malaysia are also markets that regularly import this item with a stable frequency. The proof is that these three countries are always in the top 5 plywood import markets from Vietnam.

Vietnam plywood prices are somewhere between 220 USD to 600 USD FOB at Hai Phong port, Vietnam, depending on quality and market price.

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How To import PlyWood From Vietnam? Shipping Process

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The import process is relatively complicated
  • Determine if your country is anti-dumping this product

It is essential to ensure your country is not anti-dumping this item. Nowadays, only two countries are anti-dumping plywood from Vietnam, including Turkey and South Korea. Therefore, if you are from these countries, you will be subject to import duties to import this good.

  • Specify your needs

You should also determine your specific needs and requirements for the shipment before contacting any supplier. For example, you need to specify thickness, veneer usage, and types.

Here are some common uses: General formwork building, packaging box, doors, furniture, and cabinets

  • Contact the right supplier and start small

Next, you need to contact a reliable supplier and start with a small scale of goods. 

Every supplier claims that their products are of excellent quality. However, it would be best not to buy in bulk for the first import. Instead, it is wise to place a small order to test the quality of the products.

Be wary of suppliers that are willing to provide you with cheap products.

  • Payment term

There are two payment terms for exporters:

  1. Telegraphic Transfers (T/T for short) or Wire Transfer
  2. Irrevocable letter of credit (L/C)
  • Import with a trusted third party

The shipping and import process is challenging for the inexperienced. Therefore, it is best to get help from a trusted third party who handles the whole shipping and import process for you.

What should the third party do for you?

  1. Responsible for the import process
  2. Paying import tax
  3. Transport the container to your warehouse

Why Choose Vncomex?

As we can see, shipping and importing are pretty complicated. Do not worry! Vncomex can help you simplify it.

Vncomex was established to increase the value of Vietnamese goods and promote them with global partners. We always try to win the trust of partners from any country. Moreover, we always work on four core values:

  • Meet all customer needs.
  • Attentive and professional staff.
  • Customer support all the time
  • Great value for your money.


Now, you probably know how to import plywood from Vietnam. However, the shipping and importing process is more complicated than it seems.

So, you can cooperate with Vncomex – one of the most reputable import and export companies in the market. Contact us now to get the best offer. Thank you for reading!

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