Import Polo Shirt From Vietnam: Complete Guide & Shipping Methods 

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A polo shirt is a t-shirt with a collar, similar to a shirt collar. However, the short sleeve spandex keeps the biceps and is rounded. The collar is with buttons that snap together. 

They are usually from knitted fabrics, cotton, or synthetic fibers, which are suitable for both men and women; the elderly or children can wear them.  

Today, we will learn together how to import polo shirt from Vietnam.

The Origin

import Polo Shirt From Vietnam 1
Material origin

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Polo shirts are popular clothing, very popular with men and suitable for all ages. Although the history of these collared t-shirts was as sportswear for tennis players and golfers, they have since become essential menswear.

This style of men’s and women’s t-shirts is easy to combine with jeans, shorts, sweaters, or trousers to become the perfect item, suitable for many different situations such as elegant office wear or casual wear. 

Modern personality for outings or formal occasions. Currently, many fashion brands are offering these men’s t-shirts in many different sizes, designs, and colors. 

However, if you are looking for beautiful, durable t-shirts or trendy looks and safe, high-quality materials, then choose your favorite brands of polo shirts for men and women.

Popular forms today are chosen by many people:

  • Classic-fit polo shirt: This is a classic polo shirt style, designed to be spacious and comfortable, without intimate details, so it can help cover up body flaws. The shirt has a comprehensive design, suitable for use in sports activities and activities that require a lot of movement thanks to its comfort, not constrained during use. However, this basic polo shirt still retains the sophistication, elegance, and masculinity of men and women. This style is suitable for people with a rather tall, slightly chubby figure to help the body become slimmer and more balanced.
  • Regular-fit form polo shirt: The regular-fit form polo shirt is an innovation from a classic-fit men’s one; the shirt has a slimmer, tighter fit but still brings a sense of comfort to the wearer. This shirt style is suitable for people who have a balanced body or are a bit thin to help flatter the figure, hide the flaws on the body, and show the wearer’s personality.
  • Slim-fit polo shirt: This is a form-fitting one that hugs the body at the bust, waist, and shoulders. This shirt style will help cover up the flaws and make the image look fuller for people with slightly thin bodies. In contrast to those with a well-balanced muscular body, this style will help show off the perfect male body with firm muscles.

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Vietnam Polo Shirt Export/Import Market

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Shirt Export/Import Market

The latest statistics on world trade in 2021 announced by the World Trade Organization (WTO), Vietnam has surpassed Bangladesh to become the world’s second-largest garment exporter.

Over the past 10 years, Vietnam’s share in the global garment export market has increased dramatically. In 2020, Vietnam’s garment exports will grow 6.4%, with a market price of $29 billion.

Meanwhile, the growth rate in Bangladesh’s garment sector has decreased from 6.8% to 6.3% in 2020.

Currently, Vietnam is only behind China – a market share of 31.6% (down 7% in 2020), with an export value of 142 billion USD.

Vietnam has sought to diversify production in fast fashion (low-cost, trendy) and mid-range and high-end clothing and accessories.

Vietnamese polo shirts in foreign markets will range from $9 to $10/piece with intermediate goods. There will be more than $ 20 or a few hundred dollars a unit with some high-end products depending on your needs and economic conditions.

How To Import Polo Shirt From Vietnam? Shipping Process

Shipping Process
Shipping Process

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Basically, you will find a polo shirt is a relatively cheap product and receives a lot of love from users. If you intend to export or import this item, here is some information on the process of transporting and importing tablets from Vietnam.

  • You need to make sure that you have prepared the phytosanitary registration documents in advance.
  • These types of documents include a phytosanitary application, a contract, a Quarantine shipment form, and a few other related documents.
  • After that, you need to declare the shipment information on the website of the Plant Quarantine Sub-Department. 
  • Next, you will have to wait for at least 24 hours. The agency will send you a draft certificate and export procedures for polo Shirt products.
  • Immediately after completing the process and receiving the phytosanitary copy, you continue to need to send it to the import-receiving agency for information review. If satisfactory, please return to Plant Quarantine Sub-Department for quarantine and payment
  • In general, the information we just mentioned earlier is essential and mandatory for you to fill out before exporting or importing any items.
  • In addition, you also need to go through the declaration with the customs and carefully prepare other additional documents. To be more sure about the import-export process, choose a reputable support company to have them explain your problem better.


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The quantity and scale of production of polo Shirt in Vietnam are substantial and abundant with low cost. 

At the same time, the quality of the products always meets the standards of leading brands. Therefore, it is an industry that many businesses worldwide invest in and import.

If your business wants to import polo Shirt from Vietnam, please leave your contact information via email Customer care specialists will answer your questions and assist you. Thank you for reading!

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