Import Potatoes From Vietnam – All The Things You Should Know

Vietnam is one of the agricultural countries that provide a wide range of fruit and vegetable products to many countries worldwide.

So, if you are looking for a destination to import potatoes, look no further than this nation. How to import potatoes from Vietnam? Read this article from Vncomex to learn more about standard importing procedures!

The Origin Of Potato 


In the late 19th century, the potato appeared in Vietnam for the first time. French colonialists are the ones who introduced this vegetable there. Local people call it “khoai tay”, which means “French tuber” or “western root”.

It is one of the main food crops, ranking third only after rice and maize because of its high nutritional value and yield potential.

When it comes to winter crops, it ranks as the second most essential food crop, while maize holds first place in the ranking in the Red River Delta.

Currently, potatoes grown in the Red River Delta are about 30,000 to 35,000hectares. Nevertheless, the average yield is not extremely high, only approximately 12 tons/ha.

However, experts believe they can harness the potential of this crop, which in combination with exploiting the cultivated area, will be able to improve the yield of the potato.

In the late 1960s, the potato was common in small gardens and upland patches with less than 2,000 hectares. However, in the 1970s, famine struck and made it a remarkably influential food crop.

At the beginning of the 1980s, the total potato cultivation area in the Red River Delta reached the highest level of more than 93,000 hectares. It’s thanks to new efficient farming methods and favorable natural conditions.

However, the cultivated area decreased rapidly after that and has been stable at about 30,000 ha since then.

Import Potatoes From Vietnam 1
Potatoes origin

Health Benefits

Why should you import potatoes from Vietnam? That’s because climatic conditions and good farming methods produce bountiful crops of high-quality potatoes.

Moreover, this vegetable comes with a wide range of recipes and also brings a lot of health benefits, as mentioned below:

It is a rich nutrient source. Consuming about 6.1 ounces may bring various nutrients, such as

  • 161 calories
  • 0.2 grams of fat
  • 4.3 grams of protein
  • 36.6 grams of carbs
  • 3.8 grams of fiber

It also provides several essential vitamins and minerals for your body like vitamin C, vitamin B6, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Niacin.

What’s more, it aids in controlling blood sugar. Potatoes, in general, contain resistant starch, which isn’t split out, so your body can fully absorb it.

After that, it goes to the colon and acts as a nutrient agent to support beneficial bacteria in the intestines. What’s more, it helps reduce insulin resistance, which means your body works better to remove leftover sugar from your blood.

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Health benefits

The Market For Importing Potato From Vietnam

Vietnam ranks as the world’s 12th largest exporting market for all potato goods, 10th for fresh potatoes, and 15th for frozen fries.

Vietnam’s total export value of fresh or chilled potatoes reached US$ 687K in the previous year.

However, the revenue of this vegetable dropped by 6.56% in value compared to the total exporting value in 2019. In particular, the export value decreased by US$ 48K.

In 2020, potato exports from Vietnam accounted for 0.166 percent of overall group sales. Compared to 2019, the share of exports in this group sales from Vietnam decreased by 0.035 percentage points.

Here are the top Vietnamese potato export destinations:


Values (US$)



Hong Kong










Other Asia


Import potatoes from Vietnam 3
Import potatoes from Vietnam

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Importing Potato From Vietnam: Shipping Process

If you are wondering about the international shipping of potatoes, here are the specific stages:

Step 1: Investigate Customs And Learn About Shipping Regulations

If you are unfamiliar with delivery regulations, you may easily encounter costly fines and delays. Thus, it’s better to check all required information on the official website of the target country’s customs.

Step 2: Scrutinize Extra Costs For International Delivery

Extra costs here may be fees, taxes, tariffs, or duties. Let’s take a look below:

  • Fees are predetermined costs that apply to each shipping or trade, irrespective of company size or value.
  • Taxes are an additional cost that is generally calculated as a percentage. Your shipments may be subject to an extra tax, paid in advance or upon shipment.
  • Tariffs are levied on imported goods to limit commerce from specific nations or make imported goods less enticing, so maintaining local business marketable.
  • Duties are comparable to taxes in that they are given to authorities and are generally calculated as a proportion of the after-tax income.

Step 3: Pack Your Products Safely

Step 4: Find The Most Suitable Courier Service 

Choosing the best courier for your demands is critical to ensure that your items are delivered safely and reliably.

Step 5: Find A Third-Party Unit 

Consider seeking the assistance of another organization if the international shipment is becoming too challenging for you.

Step 6: Send Your Products 

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Current market for importing potato from Vietnam

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Vncomex company for importing potato from Vietnam


If you want to know more about importing potatoes from Vietnam or any types of fruits and vegetables, let’s contact Vncomex for more detail.

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