Import Red Pumpkin From Vietnam? All Things You Need To Know

Pumpkins are a popular fruit in Vietnam, especially in the fall and winter, and we have exported more than a billion pounds across the world each year. But do you know how to import red pumpkin from Vietnam

How do you ensure they’re fresh and ready to eat at stores? Because there are so many variables to consider, shipping pumpkins may be challenging.

That’s why we are here to help you. Let’s dive into the details!

The Origin

Import Red Pumpkin From Vietnam

People saw red pumpkins growing wild in portions of northern Mexico, despite the lack of knowledge regarding where they came from.

The oldest known evidence of pumpkin domestication and eating comes from Mexico. During the colonial era, these fruits reached other world regions after cultivation by water.

The domesticated plant produced giant fruit with more sizes and colors than the wild plant. Pumpkin is the fruit with the most vitamins and minerals good for the body, originating from North America among the squashes.

Green pumpkin has orange-yellow skin when it ripes, red turmeric-colored flesh, round shape or gourd, and weighs from 0.5kg or more.

Pumpkins can be grown all year round, but the primary pumpkin planting season is in Autumn and Winter (November to December of the solar calendar). In addition, people often plant additional crops in February to April of the solar calendar (Spring and Summer crop).

In general, the most favorable planting season for zucchini and pumpkin is in the two seasons of Spring, Summer, and Autumn-Winter. Growing pumpkins are popular in Vinh Phuc, Hung Yen, and some Central Highlands provinces.

In addition, with the current development of seed technology, there are many hybrid squash varieties with improved quality that can be grown in the off-season, improving harvest productivity for farmers.

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The Current Markets To Import Red Pumpkin From Vietnam

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Vietnamese Pumpkin

The United Kingdom, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, France, and Germany are Vietnam’s top five trading partners. These top five nations account for roughly 80% of Vietnam’s total Pumpkin exports.

Pumpkin exports from Vietnam are most popular in the United Kingdom. In 2020-2021, the United Kingdom purchased 0.9 million USD worth of Pumpkin from Vietnam.

When looking at the top trade partners for pumpkin imports from Vietnam, the United Kingdom saw the fastest rise in import shipments. In 2018, Vietnam’s Pumpkin export volume grew to the country’s top 10 Pumpkin export markets.

Shipping Process

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Shipping red pumpkins is more complicated than most people know. When thinking about importing red pumpkins from Vietnam, there are a few issues.

However, we handle them with considerable care and effort. These fruits must be pre-cooled soon after harvesting before being sent.

It will prevent them from becoming overripe and rotting before being sent, and they’ve been pre-cooled to stiffen the outer rind and offer additional flesh protection.

These operations need specialized equipment to guarantee that the red pumpkins endure long enough to be kept and exported in good shape.

Moreover, we keep enough space between them to avoid overlap and adequate airflow. There is a greater risk of bruising and injury to the flesh and early ripening if they are too close together. 

High humidity and temperature induce condensation, increasing the risk of rotting and dehydration. Chilling damages will occur due to the cold conditions, and these fruits will be more prone to rot if removed from storage.

It is critical to avoid damage while exporting pumpkins since damaged fruit releases ethylene, promoting rotting and over-ripening. An entire shipment can be ruined if one pumpkin is injured.

That’s why it is critical to securely pack red pumpkins, using separators and cushioning to prevent them from moving around excessively during shipment.

It can be challenging to handle, mainly when exporting internationally. We also control the humidity and temperature during the transportation process. This way necessitates the use of a temperature-controlled vehicle at all times. 

Finally, we have trained our drivers in proper food handling and sanitary procedures. All carriers must maintain paperwork to ensure that their staff receives the appropriate training.

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Why Choosing Us

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Pumpkin Patch Pumpkins Harvest Fall

When you engage with us, you can be sure that we’ll follow all of the proper processes and monitor the temperature of the cargo to ensure that your product is safe and fresh when it arrives.

To prevent rotting and early pumpkins ripening, we will check and maintain proper humidity and temperature throughout the transportation procedure.

We’ll also take precautions to protect the pumpkins and prevent them from being damaged during transport. We will pack the complete fruit set to ensure good air passage between the pumpkins.

Our vehicles come with the most up-to-date cooling equipment, ensuring that we adhere to all temperature control regulations at all times.

When your goods arrive at their destination, they will be subjected to a final temperature check before being placed onto the waiting devices.

You do not need to be concerned if you are a newbie to the produce sector and are curious about importing red pumpkins from Vietnam. We’ve worked with various products for years and are well-versed in all parameters to transport pumpkins securely.

We can assist you in transporting complete truckloads of red pumpkins across the world while adhering to the strictest food safety regulations to ensure that your product keeps its value when it reaches its destination.

We have an extensive network of carrier partnerships and a variety of business-owned assets, so we’re prepared to handle the unique issues your firm encounters while delivering pumpkins.

We work with each of our customers individually to better understand their needs and provide shipping solutions with container traffic that work for them.

If you want further information, please get in touch with us at (+84)2462828283 or Vncomex, and we will gladly discuss your requirements over the phone. 

Then, depending on your precise shipping requirements, we’ll build a unique freight quotation for you. 

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We’ll be pleased to answer any questions regarding how to import red pumpkin from Vietnam or how to import other agricultural products.

If you require complete truckload shipping for red pumpkins or other temperature-sensitive products, contact us immediately to discuss your requirements, which may include refrigerated shipment, expedited freight, and truckload shipping. 

Thank you for reading!


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