Complete Guides To Import Rice From Vietnam

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Currently, Vietnam is one of the major rice suppliers globally for many good reasons. Vietnam ranks second in the world in exporting this cereal.

If you want to import rice from Vietnam, you need to acquire specific knowledge. Vncomex will provide you with the latest information on the topic of “import rice from Vietnam” as well as practical advice. So, this article will be helpful to you. Scroll down to know more!

The Origin Vietnamese rice

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Import Rice From Vietnam

The current rice plant is derived from the wild plant. Scientists have studied genetic modification of wild rice plants to create new varieties. These efforts create highly productive varieties resistant to disease and extreme weather.

Vietnam has two central rice-growing regions, including:

  • Red river delta
  • Mekong Delta

In Vietnam, the Mekong Delta provides the highest production. The total rice-growing area of this region is about 4000 thousand hectares, accounting for more than 50% of the total rice-growing area of the country. The main products of this region are: 

  • Jasmine 
  • Japonica 
  • ST 
  • And more

Classify Import Rice From Vietnam

Vietnam has many varieties. The following are the most exported types today:

High-Quality Delicacies

This variety has the highest value due to its distinctive aromatic flavor. Therefore, high-quality delicacies are famous in many markets such as Malaysia, China, Australia. 

They are currently priced somewhere between 470 and 670 USD/ton (FOB). The most popular variants are Japonica and ST.

Normal Aromatic Rice

The most popular variants are OM18, Jasmine, DT8-Dai Thom, Nang Hoa. They are more affordable than high-quality delicacies. The average price of this grade ranges from 450 to 650 USD/ton (FOB)

Normal Long Grain Rice

This type has a milder fragrance and is cheaper than the others. The most popular variants are OM5451and IR 504. They are prevalent in Africa, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Sticky Rice

It is a crucial ingredient to create many traditional Vietnamese and Asian dishes. So, a lot of Asians, especially Chinese, prefer this variation. Its price ranges from 470 to 530 USD/ton (FOB).

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Vietnam Export Market

Vietnam ranks second in the world in exporting this grain

Vietnam’s exports account for about 15% of the world’s total exports. Vietnamese rice has been exported to more than 150 countries and territories.

According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) prediction, Vietnam will continue to rank second in exports in 2021. In addition, the world’s demand for food consumption and reserves in 2021 is still high. Specifically, global rice imports are expected to be about 44.79 million tons, up 1% over last year.

China will remain the largest importer in 2021 (2.9 million tons), followed by the EU (2.45 million tons) and third by the Philippines (2.2 million tons). These countries and regions are all major export markets for Vietnamese rice.

India is likely to continue to be the world’s largest exporter, with an expected export volume of 15.5 million tons. Vietnam may take second place with 6.4 million tons, an increase of 233,000 tons compared to last year. Thailand ranks third with an expected output of 6.1 million tons, an increase of nearly 400,000 tons compared to 2020.

In the first nine months of this year, the country exported about 530 thousand tons of rice, totaling about $261 million. Here are the three significant importers:

  • Philippines imported 1.83 million tons of rice, equivalent to 935.91 million USD, up 3.2% in volume. 
  • The amount of Vietnamese rice that China imports have reached 845,571 tons (equivalent to 423.9 million USD), an increase of 46.7% in volume. 
  • Ivory Coast imported 281,361 tons, worth about 144.22 million USD, down about 22.2% in volume.

Today, Vietnam’s exports structure shifts to high-quality goods with higher prices at the present age. Besides, farmers and traders are increasingly interested in improving quality and meeting strict standards of markets such as Korea, the EU, and the USA. 

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Vietnamese Rice Shipping Process

You should hire a reliable third party to import this grain

Here are some factors related to the shipping and import process that you should know.

How to Identify a Scamming Supplier

The following are signs of a rogue provider:

  • Supply products at a price that is too low compared to the average price
  • Information is not clear
  • Urging payment

Necessary Documents for Customs Clearance

  • Quality certification
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Fumigated paper
  • Export shipping insurance
  • Nutrition report
  • Phytosanitary
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading
  • Invoice
  • Customs declaration
  • And more

Most Important Requirements for Imports

Different countries and regions will require different documents and certifications for importing Vietnamese rice. However, in most cases, importers are required to prepare the following documents:

  • Own at least one standard milling factory
  • Own at least one standard warehouse
  • Cargo insurance
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of quality
  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • Certificate of origin
  • And more

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Wrap Up

Hopefully, by the end of the article, you have grasped the necessary information related to how to the topic “import rice from Vietnam.” However, if you have no experience in importing, it is best to let us help. We will not let you down!

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