Instructions on how to import rubber wood from Vietnam

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Rubber wood in Vietnam is highly appreciated by many consumers and foreign businesses for its quality. However, the way to import rubber wood from Vietnam requires many procedures and papers. In this article, Vncomex will share with you about these procedures.

Everything you should know about rubber wood

Rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis is a tropical tree, medium diameter, the light color used for rubber wood. Rubber wood is considered a safe natural material because after exploiting plastic, the wood is still used to meet human needs.

The rubber trees after the expiration of the latex exploitation period will be cut down. The diameter of rubber wood is not too large, so the wood will be cut into many pieces of wood and used the joining method to form the finished product.

Information on how to import rubber wood from Vietnam
Information on how to import rubber wood from Vietnam

Like other natural woods, rubber wood is confident in its resistance to moisture as well as good heat resistance. The wood grain is quite thick, less shrinking, and the wavy wood grain is very beautiful. In terms of color, natural rubber wood with bright yellow color is suitable for many interior spaces, especially modern spaces.

Natural rubber wood has the characteristics of toughness, easy to shape as bent or straight without breaking. That is the reason why many experts prefer to use and be creative with rubber wood to create high-class products to replace other expensive and rare natural wood materials.

Vietnam rubber wood market

To know how to import rubber wood from Vietnam, first of all, we need to understand the rubber wood market in Vietnam. Since rubber wood has a known, lawful origin, it is becoming increasingly significant in Vietnam’s wood processing industry.

Nearly 2.4 billion dollars have been spent on wood and wood products manufactured of rubber wood, and there are many opportunities for further growth in the near future.

Rubber wood is regarded as one of the most significant domestic raw material supplies of Vietnam’s wood industry, according to a report on the associated consumption of rubber wood by smallholders produced by Forest Trend in collaboration with the Vietnam Rubber Research Institute and the Vietnam Rubber Association.

According to estimates from the Vietnam Rubber Association, the value of export items derived from rubber wood reached close to US$ 2.4 billion in 2020, a rise of double from 2015. Additionally, the market trend contributes to a continuing increase in the export turnover of goods made from rubber wood, from 73.8 percent in 2017 to 81.6 percent in 2020. In the meantime, exports of rubber wood products are declining.

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The way to import rubber good from Vietnam

Commodity policy

Pursuant to Article 7 of Circular No. 04/2015/TT-BNNPTNT dated February 12, 2015 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development stipulating:

“Article 7. Export ban

The export of wood and wood-processed products is prohibited in the following cases:

1. Round timber, sawn timber of all kinds from domestic natural forests.

2. Exporting for commercial purposes products made from wood in Group IA regulated by the Government (except for timber which is confiscated material evidence according to the State’s current regulations and the cases specified in Article 8 of this Circular). this document) and Appendix I of CITES extracted from the wild.”

How to import rubber wood from Vietnam
How to import rubber wood from Vietnam

Compared with the above regulations, the shipment is “rubber firewood, cashews grown by farmers” that are allowed to be exported as normal commercial goods.

About the customs dossier of the shipment

Customs is also an extremely important factor in how to import rubber wood from Vietnam. Pursuant to Article 13 of Circular No. 01/2012/TT-BNNPTNT dated January 4, 2012 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, providing for records of forest products in circulation:

“Article 13. Unprocessed forest products derived from concentrated plantation forests, home gardens, farms, and scattered crops

1. A dossier of forest products extracted from concentrated plantation forests by the exporting organization includes: a sales invoice according to regulations of the Ministry of Finance, enclosed with a list of forest products certified by the local forest ranger. in.

2. A dossier of forest products harvested from home gardens, farms and scattered plants of the exporting organization includes: sales invoice as prescribed by the Ministry of Finance, enclosed with a certified list of forest products. of the People’s Committee of the commune.

Priority customs treatments to import rubber wood from Vietnam
Priority customs treatments to import rubber wood from Vietnam

3. Forest product dossiers produced by residential communities, households and individuals: a list of forest products certified by the commune-level People’s Committees.”

When carrying out the procedures for exporting the shipment, in addition to the customs documents according to the current regulations in Clause 1, Article 16 of Circular 38/2015/TT-BTC dated March 25, 2015 of the Ministry of Finance, the Company must present the dossier. preliminary forest products as prescribed in Article 13 of the Circular No. 01/2012/TT-BNNPTNT dated January 4, 2012 above.

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Steps to import rubber wood from Vietnam

Step 1: Create an account for your business on the national one-stop system at

Step 2: Upload the quarantine dossier including: Registration form according to the form on the system, attach phytosanitary, quarantine permit if any, bill, contract, invoice and packing list. Wait for additional amendments until the application is approved.

Step 3: Prepare 1 set of hard documents to submit:

Contract, invoice, packing list, bill: 1 copy

Phytosanitary certificate: 1 original

Step 4: Sampling at the port

Register for sampling at the port

Wait for the quarantine results to be uploaded to the system and make a hard copy of the quarantine results

Submit the results of the quarantine to the customs office and carry out customs clearance procedures

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Rubber wood is a very necessary product for furniture. If you want to import rubber wood from Vietnam, contact Vncomex.

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