How To Import Safety Clothes From Vietnam? [Complete Guides 2023]

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Infrastructure is now a significant issue for both developed and developing nations. Many construction firms worry about the quality of their workers’ clothes.

Assume you need to locate a reliable provider and a reputable source of items to purchase. Then, Vietnam is an excellent destination to discover.

How to import safety clothes from Vietnam? This article will give you the ultimate guide to penetrating this market. Let’s dig into the details! 

The Origin Safety Clothes

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a must for individuals who work in potentially dangerous conditions. Safety goggles, construction hats, and protection boots are probably the first things that come to mind when you think about PPE. 

However, before PPE became a required item for workers, it had a longer history than you may think.

The earliest well-documented application of these items was in the manner of respirators during World War One. The troops could avoid the impacts of dangerous toxins by wearing these respirators.

PPE clothing could also work in non-military situations and back to the Middle Ages. Blacksmiths wore gear and protective aprons to safeguard themselves from getting burnt.

Since then, the current business has changed considerably, with a larger emphasis on protective clothing for various trade sectors.

For example, dentists and doctors may use protective clothes such as disposable gloves to avoid contamination. Meanwhile, athletes wear hockey masks, baseball helmets,  and jockstraps.

The definition of PPE may extend to body armor, such as historical armor or buffet proof vest. 

PPE is a set of items that protect your body parts against hazards. For example:

  • Head and neck: sunhats, face shields, helmets, and neck protection
  • Eyes: face shields, visors, and goggles
  • Ears: earmuffs and earplugs
  • Hands: gloves
  • Legs and feet: rubber boots, chainsaw boots, non-slip shoes, or foundry boots
  • Whole body: aprons, cooling vests, fire-proof clothing, overalls, raincoats, waterproof trousers
import safety clothes from Vietnam 1
PPE is a clothing set

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Current Market Of Importing Vietnamese Safety Clothes

Vietnam overtook Bangladesh as the world’s second-biggest garment exporter for the first time in 2020. 

Export value

Since the second part of 2020, the textile and garment industry has been developing, ensuring stable work for employees and consistent order placement.

This stability allowed the industry to achieve an export turnover of $35.2 billion that year, which was far more than other big exporters such as India or Bangladesh.

Total worldwide demand for these items fell by more than 22% due to the COVID-19, from $750 billion to $600 billion.

All of the competing countries experienced declines of 15 to 20%. The Vietnamese textile and clothing sector had a significantly slighter decrease than the global average, including safety clothing.

Major importers

This country has exported safety clothing to the USA, China, France, South Korea, and other importers. 

Japan may be the most potential destination since it has invested $28 million in a Vietnamese garment company. 

Moreover, the export value to Japan remains stable over the years, establishing a solid business relationship between the two countries. 


Vietnam has a lot of opportunities when it comes to producing and exporting protective clothes. 

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), which went into force on August 1st, 2020, cut tariffs on Vietnamese garment exports by almost 70%.

Although most other nations that produce textiles and garments to the EU do not have a trade agreement, the EVFTA has created a massive opportunity for Vietnamese export sales if businesses fulfill the origin criteria.

Moreover, since the Vietnamese workforce is abundant and well-trained, the trader will benefit from high-quality products and affordable prices.

Import safety clothes from Vietnam 3
The country has a lot of benefits in the garment industry

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How To Import Safety Clothes From Vietnam?

Since there are so many overseas clients in the Vietnamese market, it’s vital to understand its import and export procedures. 


A business does not need certain authorization to import or export products in this area. However, buyers have to follow the customs clearance rules. 

Customs procedures 

Customs clearance laws apply to any items exported from Vietnam. They thoroughly examine the items’ appearance, size, specifications, and quantity.


Both importers and exporters must hand in essential documents. Customs agents must check the registration certificate and the company registration code. 

To make the shipping process fluent, prepare these documents beforehand:

  • Bill of lading
  • Contract
  • Certificate of origin
  • Customs declaration form
  • Technical health certificate
  • Commercial invoice
  • Export permit
  • Packing list
import safety clothes from Vietnam 4
Buyers have to deal with a lot of paperwork

Priority service

You can ask for priority treatment. This priority service can help cut down the shipping cost. The  program offers qualifying firms several advantages, such as:

  • They can exempt their goods from some physical examination.
  • They do not need to submit extra documentation. 
  • Their goods can go despite the lack of certification. However, buyers have to note it within the first 30 days of the registration announcement. 
  • They get quick access when completing tax documents for products under taxation. 


Most services and goods supplied by this country are tax-free. Only a few items are subject to export tariffs, most of which are natural materials such as forest commodities, minerals, and steel.

However, buyers have to charge VAT for all items. Furthermore, the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) Law claims that importers who buy SCT tax-liable goods to resell them domestically have to pay the SCT fee.

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This article has explained the commonly asked question of how to import safety clothes from Vietnam. To conclude, the worldwide shipping process is quite complicated without the assistance of a reputable firm.

It’s time to contact us. We are always eager to provide you with the highest quality service.

Thank you for reading!

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