How To Import Sawdust Charcoal From Vietnam? All Things You Need To Know

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Sawdust charcoal is a product of burning wood without oxygen. Our sophisticated carbonization method yields coal with high strength and density.

Vietnamese charcoal is 100% natural and odor-free, as it contains no additions, bonding agents, or chemicals. So, if you want to import sawdust charcoal from Vietnam, this guideline from Vncomex will benefit you a lot. 

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The Origin

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Burning BBQs using charcoals

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Charcoal is a light, black pigment formed from wood after drying (removing the carbon from other parts). Your cuisine will have the natural scent of coal if you use this material to burn. 

The circular hole in the center allows air to circulate freely, allowing effective burning. Our cutting-edge equipment can help compress sawdust into briquettes under high pressure and is used to bind sawdust charcoal.

Oxygen is a highly absorbable part of wood cells employed as an absorbent, medicinal, filter, additive, or fuel. Activated carbon with the black powder charge

Currently, the most frequent method of burning coal is to vaporize it, which produces a high yield and capacity.

The coal used in the furnaces is made by breaking down wood from foliage or leaves at around 700° C and contains little more than 4% of the fly components, steam.

It is how Vietnamese mountain people make coal from new trees, with a capacity of 8 to 15 cubic meters.

Many people believe that burning black coal generates more coal ash, smoke, it is easier to fly up and attach to food, and that it is not used for a long time – it burns exceptionally quickly.

Binchotan coal is an odorless, low-smoke, low-odor, high-quality coal with long burn durations. As a result, we can guarantee that our coal will have a quality of 70 to 80 percent.

Sawdust charcoal on the market is burnt in combustion chambers, mass-produced using drum barrels or huge metal barrels.

Such metal drums won’t create high-yield coal because the heating value in the combustion chamber is low since the metal drum lacks a refractory brick made with anti-heat bricks to keep the heat.

But, Vncomex is constantly striving to improve the quality; all charcoal is processed using Japanese hand-built burner technology.

As a result, the sawdust charcoal is always of the most excellent quality, has a high temperature, burns hot, and is considerably less expensive than Binchotan sawdust.

In Vietnam, sawdust charcoal is 100 percent natural sawdust collected from trees. So there are no chemical additives or binders.

It is the most excellent option for those concerned about their health and who prefer specific products. There was no smoke, no stink, and no spark.

Additional features include:

  • Barbecue: A BBQ meal is a popular choice among young people since it is tasty and entertaining. Do you know where to start when it comes to grilling? First and foremost, fuel is required; nowadays, we propose coal briquettes, a new type of clean and sustainable fuel. The most excellent choice is sawdust charcoal.
  • Heating stove: On many cold winter days, your family gathers around the stove, which appears to be highly homely. You’re still concerned about dust and hazardous gasses, though. Our coal is a viable choice for you to consider.

The Current Markets To Import Sawdust Charcoal From Vietnam

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Black embers

Germany, China, Malaysia, Japan, and Korea have the most significant percentage of worldwide coal imports.

Germany imports 111 million dollars worth of coal, which comes from Vietnam. Sawdust charcoal mainly appears in the leisure industry, such as barbecues and restaurants.

China’s expanding need for charcoal is fueled by the country’s silicon manufacturing, which accounts for half of the global output from Vietnam.

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How To Import Sawdust Charcoal From Vietname? Shipping Process

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Import Sawdust Charcoal From Vietnam

For many firms, especially those just beginning, the procedure to import sawdust charcoal from Vietnam to foreign nations is usually a problem.

Most nations will have standards that you must complete before you can hope to import from them, based on the products you wish to import. Please refer to the shipping process below to import sawdust charcoal from Vietnam.

Step 1: Prepare paperwork.

You need to prepare the following documents:

  • Volume, quality
  • Client information
  • Row value
  • Packaging size
  • Recipient’s information

After receiving this data, we will contact you to confirm the shipping process and fee.

Step 2: Deliver Products To The Warehouse

We will transport your order to the warehouse using our specific vehicles.

Step 3: Billing And Shipping

After reaching our warehouse, we will calculate the weight of the order once again in one of two ways:

  • Conversion weight: L x W x H /5000 (kgs)
  • Real weights (kgs)

Then, we will transport these products to you through the sea port.

About Us

Import Sawdust Charcoal From Vietnam
Sawdust charcoal is from burning wood without oxygen

Vncomex is Vietnam’s pioneer and leader in kiln, direct export, and local charcoal and other fuels distribution.

We sell binchotan coal, sawdust charcoal, black coal, and coconut coal. These are from longan wood, mangrove wood, lychee wood, pomelo wood, khaya wood, bamboo, citrus wood, and coconut.

Our monthly manufacturing capacity is 1000 tons of various types of charcoal, allowing us to offer large orders and a variety of style packaging.

We have many years of expertise working in the coal industry and have numerous international partners. Our key markets are Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, the EU, the United States, and Australia.

Please let us know about your interest so that we may supply you with the best services, which include the most reasonable price and best quality globally.


Hopefully, this article will provide you with a deep insight into importing sawdust charcoal from Vietnam

Please refer to our website if you want to import anything from this nation. We are confident to be one of the most reliable importing companies that provide our customers with the best service.

Thank you for reading!

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