4 Things You Should Know To Import Sawn Timber From Vietnam

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Vietnam is known as a country with many attractive export products. Traders are always looking for potential business opportunities when importing goods in Vietnam.

One of the favorite items to import in Vietnam is sawn timber. The following article will share with you everything related to the topic of how to import sawn timber from Vietnam.

The Brief Overview Of Sawn Timber

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Sawn timber

People chop sawn wood from logs into various shapes and sizes. Sawn timber is usually cut into rectangular lengths and widths, although it can also be wedge-shaped.

Solid wood beams and more square timber pieces are standard wood products. After the breakdown saw has produced some flat surfaces, the green mill’s other saws may cut the different pieces into commercial timber.

Each cutting pattern results in wood that has a distinct look and personality. Each variety has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Quarter Sawn Timber

This kind of timber has growth rings that run parallel to the shorter face and is also known as quarter cutting. Every board’s long look is similar to a radial one.

On this face, a considerable number of tree rings may be visible. Quarter sawn timber is the best option for hardwood species susceptible to collapsing while drying.

The following are some of the benefits of quarter-sawn wood:

  • There are the best grains on the surface.
  • Floors and furniture benefit from a hard-wearing surface.
  • Coatings with a radial face are preferable.
  • Compared to previous cutting, this one has less warp and cupping.

It has many drawbacks, including:

  • Slower seasoning
  • Nails on the face are more likely to split.

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Back Sawn Timber

Back sawing, also called tangential cutting, is Australia’s most popular sawing technique. Back sawing aids in the extraction of high-quality wood from logs.

People use black sawn lumber for most structural and decorative purposes. The long edge is parallel to the annual rings, and the broad face does not overlap many of them. 

The growth rings seem to be very far apart on the broad face, and you may see several intriguing patterns.

This cut gives you additional options since you may backsaw huge boards from the log’s wings. The most excellent depth here is a little less than its diameter.

The following are some of the benefits of back sawn wood:

  • Good figure.
  • When hammering wide areas, it is less likely to split.
  • There are a few knots on edges.

It has many drawbacks, including:

  • When drying, the breadth shrinks significantly.
  • More prone to warping and cupping
  • It is harder to recondition cracked wood.

The Current Markets To Import Sawn Timber

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The wood market

In 2020, total global sales of sawn wood shipped by all nations reached US$36.8 billion.

Since 2016, when sawn timber imports were $35.6 billion, the volume of sawn timber imports from Vietnam has climbed by a total of 6.2 percent for all importing nations.

From 2019 to 2020, the cost of sawn timber exported worldwide increased by 1.9 percent year over year. Russia, Canada, the United States, Germany, and Sweden are the top five sawn timber importers.

By value, the significant providers transport more than half (55.2%) of all imported sawn timber. 

European nations sold the most imported sawn wood in terms of monetary value in 2020, with exports totaling $20.4 billion, or more than half (55.4%) of the world total.

China ($8.36 billion), the United States ($7.01 billion), Japan ($3.03 billion), the United Kingdom ($2.95 billion), and Germany ($2.45 billion) were the leading importers of Sawn timber in 2019.

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How To Import Sawn Timber From Vietnam? Shipping Process

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Import sawn timber from Vietnam

The wood product sector’s delivery methods have evolved significantly throughout time. Sawn timbers from Vietnam are still shipped mainly by sea.

They were only shipped from Vietnam to other nations aboard tiny conventional boats a few decades ago.

Until the late 1900s, people used train boats. Containers and trailers have partially supplanted this manner of transportation.

Wood products are rapidly being carried in containers and trailers from all the Nordic nations, central Europe, and even parts of southern Europe.

If you use our service, we will:

  • Keep shippers informed about vessel schedules and agree on logistics for transporting cargo from the manufacturer to the port and handling port warehousing.
  • When the cargo reaches the port, we will evaluate the condition of the products and notify the shippers of any potential transportation or other damage.
  • We are responsible for ensuring that the items to be sent and the empty containers are ready at the port simultaneously.

Why Should You Choose Us?

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Timber industry in Vietnam

VNcomex provides warehouse services in numerous Vietnamese ports and has adequate outdoor and indoor storage capacity. All of the ports are appropriate for standard cargo.

We provide worldwide logistics services using all types of conveyance. We have extended our container processing into additional ports over the last few years, and we now offer cargo handling at various ports around Vietnam.

We load containers and stuff and strip the items if our clients need them. We also provide substantial intermediate storage areas and cargo depots for smooth and effective handling.

As a result, one of the building elements of our company operations is quick and efficient unloading and loading and effective port forwarding. We’ve invested in cutting-edge technology to make handling more cost-effective.

Our goods management services are always suitable for our customer’s specific requirements, and our skilled stevedores ensure that all commodities are handled swiftly and safely.

We place a high value on safety and strive to enhance occupational safety and quality. We make sure that both items and information arrive at their intended location.

Our knowledgeable forwarders handle all of the paperwork and processes associated with freight transportation, concentrating on your company.


Our goal is to provide entire logistical solutions to our customers, including extra value services, so that they may focus on their main operations. We hope this article benefits you whenever you want to import sawn timber from Vietnam.

Thank you for reading!

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