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Suppose you want to import silica sand from Vietnam. In that case, you’ll need to figure out the export and import statistics, the origin of this item, importing processes, and the tariffs and taxes that apply to the imports from Vietnam. 

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The Origin

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Import Silica Sand From Vietnam

Silicon dioxide (commonly known as silica) is a silicon oxide with SiO2. Since prehistory, people have noted it for its hardness. It normally appears as quartz or sand in nature and diatom cell membranes.

All quartz products are fused, fumed silica, crystal, colloidal silica, and aerogel. It is mainly responsible for the manufacture of windows, beverage bottles, and drinking glasses, among other things. 

People also use quartz to make the bulk of optical fibers used in telecommunications. Many whiteware ceramics, such as stoneware, porcelain, earthenware, and commercial Portland cement, use it as a critical raw ingredient.

Silica is a popular food additive, where it generally appears to absorb moisture for hygroscopic purposes. It is the main ingredient of diatomaceous earth, which has a variety of applications ranging from purification to pest control. 

It is also the main ingredient of rice husk ash, which is utilized in filtering and cement production, among other things. 

In microelectronics, thin coatings of silica produced on silicon wafers using thermal oxidation processes can be very useful as an electric insulator with excellent chemical durability.

It may shield silicon, block current, store charge, and even operate as a regulated channel to limit current flow in electronic applications. 

Thanks to the capacity to attach to nucleic acids in the appearance of chaotropic, people use this substance to extract RNA and DNA.

It is employed as a defoamer component since it is hydrophobic. It is utilized in toothpaste as a harsh abrasive to eliminate plaque when it is hydrated.

It may be responsible as a high-temperature thermal protective fabric in fiber form because of its refractory properties. Its light-diffusing qualities and natural absorbency make it valuable in cosmetics.

Lastly, it appears as a thermal enhancement chemical in the underfloor heating business. Chronic exposure to dust, which is toxic through inhalation, can lead to silicosis.

There are many massive alluvial quartz sand deposits throughout Vietnam’s 2,560km-long, mostly flat coastline. 

The central coast area of the nation, which stretches from Quang Binh to Khanh Hoa and borders the western edge of the China Sea, is affluent in these deposits.

There are eight coastal resources with 95 million tonnes of silica sand reserve. People mine quartz powder from three of Vietnam’s fast-increasing domestic glass industries: Da Nang, Van Hai in Quang Ninh, and Thuy Trieu in Khanh Hoa.

The mining sector in Vietnam produces roughly 500,000 tonnes each year, which originates from three primary sources. The largest deposit is the 37.5 million tonne Thuy Trieu mine in Khanh Hoa province.

Meanwhile, Thuy Trieu is perhaps the most significant quartz powder resource in Vietnam, consisting of a mixture of exceptional grades with high silicon dioxide (SiO2) concentration.

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The Current Markets To Import Silica Sand From Vietnam

The total quartz powder exported from Vietnam worldwide in 2021 was 440 million tons. The results suggest that Vietnamese silica powder exporters have a lot of room to grow and expand their market share worldwide. 

Singapore is the world’s largest importer of Vietnamese quartz powder. Sri Lanka (0.03 USD million), Singapore (0.7 USD million), Kenya (0.03 USD million), the United States (0.02 USD million), and Qatar (0.01 USD million) are indeed the top five trading partners.

The overall value of silica powder exports in these nations is 0.8 million dollars. These top five nations account for more than 96.39 percent of Vietnam’s total quartz powder exports.

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Fine Silica Grain

The export volume grew in all of the country’s top 10 export destinations throughout 2021.

Compared to previous years, nations such as the United Kingdom have seen a significant increase of 0.1 percent in their silica sand imports from Vietnam, followed by Australia, which has increased by 0.1 percent.

How To Import Silica Sand From Vietnam? Shipping Process

Customers import silica sand from Vietnam in bulk or (large) bags. Despite its low granulometry, any fine particulate matter crystalline silica produced by silica powder can cause health problems.

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Sand Tramroad

Pulmonary fibrosis (silicosis) can result from significant respirable crystalline silica exposure. Cough and shortness of breath are the most common symptoms of silicosis. Therefore, dust exposure must be closely monitored and managed.

Step 1: Decide The Type Of Silica Sand You Want To Import

Choose the sort of sand you want since it may be classified into several categories based on its purpose and cost. 

However, all varieties of sands on the market will provide you with a return on your investment. You may go to a nearby dealer to view all of the different types of sands and make an informed pick.

Step 2: Decide The Quantity

If you need significant silica sand, your provider should provide bulk sand. It would be best if you also used the sand calculator supplied by the vendors to figure out how much powder you’ll need.

When determining the quantity of sand, you should also consider the amount of cement and gravel to use with it.

Step 3: Confirm The Cost

You must confirm the cost and payment method with the provider before purchasing. Furthermore, it would be best if you had all of the information requested by the provider to have your sand supplied on schedule and at the correct place, including the sand size that you require.

We will fulfill the entire shipping process for you, so all you have to do is sit at home and wait for your shipment to come.

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Import Silica Sand From Vietnam
Container Shipping Through The Seaport


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