How To Import Steel From Vietnam? International Shipping Process [hienthinam]

Are you looking for an ideal place for steel import? There is no better destination than Vietnam, one of the most abundant steel resources. 

How to import steel from Vietnam without any annoyances? Let VNCOMEX help you out! Scroll down this article to learn more about the goods and critical phases in shipment. 

The Origin Of Vietnamese Steel


It’s an iron alloy with some 1/10th of 1 % of carbon added to increase its hardness and breakage resistance compared to other iron forms.

Besides, the manufacturing process involves several other materials. Oxidation and corrosion-resistant stainless steels often require an extra 11% chromium.

It is one of the standard components in structures, infrastructure, appliances, boats, trains, automobiles, machinery, electronic devices, and armaments due to its excellent tensile strength and affordable price. 

It may include two allotropic forms: face center and body-centered cubic based on the temperature. Depending on the interaction of the iron allotropes with other alloy components, it may own different properties. 

Some components may be present in steel, such as carbon with a small amount and other inclusions, which hardens agents preventing dislocation movement. 

import Steel From Vietnam 1
The origin of the product

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Here are some common properties of this substance:

  • Hardness: The ability of a material to withstand abrasion and friction 
  • Ductility: The maximum stretch or compression that a material can withstand before breaking.
  • Toughness: The capability of absorbing heat without shattering or fracturing
  • TENSILE strength: A metric indicating the amount of force needed to destroy a substance.
  • YEILD strength: The power necessary to cause an element to deform.


There are four main types, including:

Carbon steel

It has a drab, matte appearance and is prone to corrosion. It has three subtypes, including high (1.5 carbon), medium (60% carbon), and low (30%carbon) carbon steel. 

It is relatively strong, so it is ideal for high-tension wires, knives, automotive elements, and many other items.

Alloy steel

It combines many different metals, such as nickel, aluminum, and copper.

It is far more cost-effective, corrosion-resistant, and commonly used in several automobile elements, mechanical projects, ship hulls, and pipelines. 

Stainless steel

It includes components like cobalt, tungsten, and molybdenum. That’s why this variety carries such heat resistance and advanced durability characteristics.

Tool steel

This kind is well-known for its hardness and its resistance to heat and abrasion. Metal tools, such as hammers, usually contain this type. This variety is lustrous and contains 10 or 20% content of chromium.

As a result, it is corrosion-resistant and easy to mold into various shapes. Thanks to its flexibility, easy manipulation, and high quality, this variety is commonly used in silverware, surgical equipment, or home applications.

import Steel From Vietnam 2
Tool steel

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The Current Market

According to data released by the General Statistics Office, Vietnam’s steel exports totaled US$299.67 billion during the first 11 months in 2021, climbing 17.5 percent compared to the same time in 2020.

There were 34 goods, including an export value of more than US$1 billion, accounting for 93.5 percent of whole total turnover, and 7 of them achieved a revenue of more than US$10 billion, accounting for 66.4 percent of overall exporting value.

During the first five months of 2021, Vietnam’s iron and steel sales to the five major destinations, including the EU, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Mexico, grew fast, with shipments to the EU massively increasing compared to 2020.

The shipments to the EU have over doubled in five months compared to the overall year of 2020.

Exports of this commodity to China more than quadrupled to 1.1 million tones, fivefold to 713,000 tones, and 2.5 times to 293,000 tones to Mexico and the EU.

The exports of this commodity totaled US$9.86 million tones, potentially worth US$5.26 billion in 2020, but shipments to the EU totaled 309,000 tones worth $235.5 million, decreasing 6.9percent in production and 1percent in revenue from the previous year.

However, shipments to Malaysia rose by 12.8% to 322,000 tones, whereas shipping to Cambodia dropped by 1.5 percent to 584,000 tones.

According to the Vietnam Steel Association statistics, the shipments are benefiting from several factors, including the fact that market share in multiple sectors has been rising steadily for several months. 

import Steel From Vietnam 3
Steel pines

How To Import Steel From Vietnam? Shipping Process

How does international shipping occur? Let’s take a closer look at the standard procedure:

  • Step 1: Carry items from the seller’s depots to the storage facility of the shipping company
  • Step 2: Transfer products to the seaport port from a logistics forwarder’s cargo
  • Step 3: Clearance of customs at the origin pier
  • Step 4: Deliver the cargo from the origin to the appointed terminal
  • Step 5: Customs clearance at the ultimate destination seaport
  • Step 6: Inland conveyance from the pier to the warehouse
  • Step 7: Deliver products

What’s more, the international freight also gets involved in some necessary paperwork, such as:

International freight procedure
International freight procedure


It is not easy to import products from Vietnam in general. For this reason, you should work with a reputable third-party agency to minimize the dangers and inconveniences.

Our company, VNCOMEX, is here to help you out. If you are still wondering about the advantages you will get from us, here are the main reasons:

We’ve spent several years establishing a solid name in the present sector by providing exceptional services and support to our customers.

The price is not a big problem. We always offer our consumers the most cost-effective choice.

We also rapidly increase our pool of young, talented, and creative personnel to provide the best quality experience to our consumers.

The Bottom Line

This article has got to the bottom of the commonly asked question: how to import steel from Vietnam

To sum up, the international shipping process is quite challenging without the help of a reputable third-party firm. 

It’s time to contact us! We are committed to bringing the best service to our customers. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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