Import Sugar From Vietnam: Import Market & 5 Steps For hipment Process 

Sugar is one of the most common products that play a role in providing energy for humans. At the same time, it is also a material that is easy to grow, harvest, pure and hygienic.

Currently, people use a lot of sugar, mainly in the food industry and daily cooking. Therefore, it is a product that many businesses exchange, buy, sell and export to countries worldwide.

Vietnam is a good source with a stable output if you are looking for valuable and bulk products to distribute or supply to the food industry.

This article will help you have more information on how to import sugar from Vietnam.

Origin – Vietnamese Sugar

The Origin
The sugar Origin in Vietnam

Sugarcane or beets can be inputs into sugar production. In particular, cane sugar in Vietnam is the most popular product. The compound formed by the combination of sucrose molecules has a sweet taste.

If you reasonably use the product within the allowed level, it positively affects your health. Sugar has an entirely natural sweetness, and it also contains many natural minerals that are beneficial to health, such as water, fiber minerals, vitamins, and especially iron.

In particular, the beauty effect of the product is the leading role when it contains 4mg of calcium and 4mg of iron, a small amount of riboflavin, carotene, and polysaccharide. They are responsible for limiting the aging caused to the body. At the same time, you can use sugar to replenish blood on cold days.

The most crucial role of the product is to provide a temporary source of energy for the body and improve mood. People often use the product with coffee, baking, or sweet treats to help relieve stress.

Sugarcane for making sugar is grown a lot in the Mekong Delta, with a large area of ​​about 127,000 ha. The average sugarcane yield reached 63 tons/ha, and the output went 9,635,607 tons through statistics.

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Sugar Production Process In Vietnam

Production Process
Sugar Production Process In Vietnam

After harvesting, sugarcane will go to the factory or sugar factory. Sugarcane goes through stages and produces raw, pure sugar with some remaining molasses ingredients.

In it, molasses is a by-product, making the product brown. Below is the detailed production process in Vietnam

Step 1: Exploit

After harvesting, workers sort and wash the sugarcane to remove impurities before processing. The machine then performs the pre-grinding in large rollers. The juice part is extracted and used to produce sugar and ethanol. Bagasse will be used as fuel to generate electricity in the power plant.

Step 2: Clean

People will clean and increase the pH in the juice with the lime method in 3 forms: cold, hot, and fractional calcification. Or the sulphation method using SO is divided into 2 states: acid sulfation and mild alkaline sulphation.

After that, the juice continues under the cane juice evaporation stage to prepare for crystallization.

Step 3: Crystallization and drying

There are 2 crystallization principles including:

  • Hot crystallization: Keep the same temperature, increase the concentration to crystallize, concentrate.
  • Cold crystallization: Keep the same temperature, reduce the concentration to crystallize.

Then, let them cool, sift evenly, and package the finished product.

When producing raw sugar, the process of removing the decolorization step should be brown and slightly cloudy.

The Current Export Market Of Vietnamese Sugar

Import/Export market
Sugar Import/Export market

In 2021, the price of refined sugar will be around 18,000-18,200, equivalent to $0.79 to $0.80 per kilogram. That means the price has increased to about 2,000-2,200 VND/kg ($0.09) compared to the beginning of 2021.

The prices of RS (white diameter) and RE (refined sugar) in Vietnam continued to increase. At the same time, the spot RS price at factories has grown to over 0,8$/kg.

The upward trend in prices of products in Vietnam can come from the return of people, workers, and factories after the Covid 19 epidemic in 2020, 2021. The increase in prices will help factories produce products. 

The production will return to operation, positively impacting the purchase price of raw sugarcane with a rise of 12-15% in the 2020-2021 crop year compared to the previous year.

At the same time, Vietnam’s sugar industry is competing with other countries, especially countries like Thailand. However, Thailand and China face growing difficulties due to drought and may return to the market next year.

At the beginning of 2022, sugar prices were supported by an increase in global prices (+49% YoY and +10% QoQ) and the impact of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy taxes to import Sugar From Vietnam.

It can be that the production and import of products in the world and Vietnam only have slight fluctuations due to the Covid 19 epidemic. However, it is a potential product with large output to import from Vietnam.

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Shipping Process: Import Sugar From Vietnam

Simple Shipment Process: import Sugar From Vietnam
Simple Shipment Process

Trying to import sugar from Vietnam goes through 5 basic steps like most other products and agricultural products.

Step 1: Prepare the product

The exporting unit checks the quantity, quality, and packaging, to avoid damage during transportation. At the same time, the plant quarantine will help to know if the product is eligible for import and export.

Step 2: Prepare documents

You need to prepare some relevant documents: Customs declaration, commercial invoice, stamps and labels of the importing country, purchase sheet, certificate of origin, phytosanitary, air waybill or by sea.

Step 3: Prepare the vehicle

The means of export can be by air or by sea. At the same time, you need an air or sea waybill to take the next step.

Step 4: Customs declaration

The company will make customs declarations directly at the customs where the goods are gathered or online on the portal.

Step 5: Perform export and import

At the final step, the goods leave the place and depart for the import country, after reaching an agreement between the parties concerned. Goods will be taken to the warehouse of the importing company and distributed or put into another food production process.


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Thus, the article has provided complete information about sugar and the market of this product in Vietnam. I hope you can learn and choose suitable products, serving the process of importing, distributing, and producing food.

If you have any questions and questions, you can leave the information on how to import sugar from Vietnam, and we will actively contact you as soon as possible.

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