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T-shirts and other commodities such as shoes, purses, children’s toys, and electrical gadgets are highly profitable to import from Vietnam. T-shirts are also one of the outstanding products of Vietnam with good quality and affordable price that is loved by many importers.

Vncomex will compile everything you need to know to import T-shirts from Vietnam in this post. Let’s read on to learn more!

The Origin

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Vietnamese T-shirts

Have you ever wondered how the T-shirt became such an essential part of the world’s fashion and culture? Originally intended as a layering piece, the T-shirt has evolved into the most widely worn and powerful piece of clothing.

T-shirts trace back to the late 1800s when workers would cut their jumpsuits in two to stay cool during the hotter months of the year.

The United States Navy adopted them as standard undershirts during the Mexican-American War. Then, the first produced T-shirt appeared.

As you can see, T-shirts with printed designs abound in Vietnam. There are a plethora of styles and colors to pick from.

Many of them will contain funny or humorous sayings on them, which makes you laugh out loud as you browse. Tourists are the target audience hence western sizes up to 3XL are available.

If you intend to do a lot of shopping on your vacation, carry fewer T-shirts and buy them when you arrive. You may get them for as low as $4 apiece!

And, if you want to import T-shirt from Vietnam, you have come to the right place. The marketplaces are once again bursting at the seams with these. Before making purchases, have a look around and compare costs.

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The Current Markets To Import T-Shirt From Vietnam

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Shop in Vietnam

The overall cost of imported crocheted or knitted T-shirts in 2019 was US$41.7 billion. Since 2015, when worldwide T-shirt purchases totaled $36 billion, the dollar value has increased by 15.9% for all importing nations. 

From a continental viewpoint, European purchasers spent the most money on imported T-shirts in 2019, spending $22.5 billion, or 54% of the worldwide total.

Asian importers came in second with 20.7 percent, while 19 percent of T-shirts imported globally reached buyers in North America.

Latin America (2.5%), omitting Mexico but encompassing the Caribbean, Oceania (2.1%), headed by New Zealand and Austria, and Africa (1.6%) received smaller percentages (1.5 percent ).

Cotton is the most common fabric used to make T-shirts. Cotton T-shirts accounted for $28.7 billion in global purchases in 2019, accounting for more than two-thirds (69.7%) of all T-shirts exported. 

The other 31.3 percent was made up of similar garments produced from fibers other than cotton, which totaled $13.1 billion.

How To Import T-Shirt From Vietnam? Shipping Process

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Import T-Shirt From Vietnam

Free trade agreements (FTAs) and Vietnam have been struck with several major nations and regions worldwide, indicating that the country is rising.

Importing T-shirts from Vietnam has many advantages that may help you make a significant profit. However, it may be a stressful and challenging procedure given the cultural and linguistic barriers.

First, ensure you know what you want and have these points in mind first: size charts, material, design, and requirements.

You may either order a sample from a manufacturer in Vietnam and have it shipped to your nation, or give your example to the manufacturer, have them make the same thing, and then return it to you. It is also proof of a manufacturing profile to check the quality.

You have the option of bringing your cloth to the factory or having the factory offer cloth that meets your needs. You can place your order after you’re pleased with the sample and conditions.

Then, it’s time to label. Ensure that the labeling conforms with destination country standards, such as the fiber composition tag, logo tag, location of washing tag, origin, and so on.

Before shipping, we will do a pre-quality check. You can use your personnel or enlist the help of a third party to ensure that the standard quality is met before dispatch.

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About Us

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Vietnamese T-shirts have various colors and sizes

We have given the transportation sector a high-quality, cost-effective service level; our flagship company, Vncomex, was created in 2020.

As a Nationally Permitted Customs Broker & Export Foreign Freight Forwarder, we clear custom items or ship your cargo as swiftly and effectively as possible.

Our commitment to enabling smooth product and flow of information has helped us develop to the point where we still provide a whole suite of ancillary services, despite our beginnings as a freight forwarder processing internationally bound products in Vietnam.

All our sites have licensed Customs Brokers on staff who have years of experience representing our customers and meeting all regulatory standards.

Vncomex is committed to creating one-of-a-kind relationships that deliver logistical solutions and value-added services that surpass our clients’ expectations.

Our capacity to react to market changes, generate new trends, and deliver tailored solutions will enable us to execute and identify crucial client initiatives.

Our aims for the future are to be inventive, produce current and dependable solutions, maintain compliance, and provide “One Global Solution” that smoothly connects the many parts of the business.


Thus, the article has synthesized, analyzed, and detailed evaluation on the topic: “How to import T-Shirt from Vietnam?”. Hopefully you have received practical knowledge for your upcoming plans.

Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you want to import T-shirt from Vietnam. Thank you for being so interested!

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