How To Import Training Clothes From Vietnam? All Things You Should Know

If you are looking for an ideal import destination, look no further than Vietnam. How to import training clothes from Vietnam? Is international freight complex? Let’s refer to this article to get more information!

The Origin


Sports apparel suppliers in Vietnam can manufacture practically any material or textile according to your firm’s requirements.

These items are not only of high quality, but they are also less expensive than those produced by many other countries’ garment manufacturers.

Purchasing the most outstanding exercise apparel isn’t always a materialistic endeavor. According to studies, the garment you wear may leave a psychological impact on your training.

Thanks to the pattern or color of clothing, athletes might acquire a psychological advantage over their rivals.

Some Common Types

Here are some types that Vietnamese training clothing manufacturers offer: 


Sweatshorts are a must-have in any gym bag for any guy. They’re just like sweatpants in terms of comfort, yet they’re chill enough to absorb your sweat.

These items are an excellent option for nylon and mesh. They will not only offer you a distinct look, but they will also offer you the advantage you need at the gym.


It is a long-sleeved t-shirt with a V-neck or a round neck. It’s either manufactured of felt or t-shirt, and it typically has long sleeves.

Sportspeople and athletics fans choose this clothing type in chilly weather due to the sweat-absorbent fabrics.

You can wear a sweatshirt top with track trousers or jogger pants and continue to engage in your beloved athletic activities.

Design and quality are always priorities for fitness wear producers. As a result, you’ll be able to locate sweatshirts in several colors and styles to fit your style and sporting needs.


Racerbacks are a type of sports bra designed to create maximum comfort for back and arm movements for women doing high workouts. 

The T-shaped backside behind the neck and shoulders is a distinctive feature of these garments. This style of workout attire will highlight your gorgeous shoulders and back while also making your motions more flexible.

Sleeveless T-Shirts

T-shirts with no sleeves are ideal for working out. They’re fashionable, but they’re also practical since they protect you from overheating.

Short-sleeved or spaghetti-strapped t-shirts are popular among women. Strapless tops and collared tees, in any event, aren’t appropriate for a training session.

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Gym clothes

Vietnam’s Best Training Clothes Companies

Are you searching for a reliable company for importing these products? Let’s have a peek at the list of the most famous Vietnamese workout top brands below:

Thygesen Textile Vietnam

They have established a nationwide reputation for creating and producing high textiles and garments, strengthening the Vietnamese textile sector with about 90 years of expertise.


They have created items using new tech and high-quality textiles to achieve excellence. ECO GLS has partnered with many well-known gym apparel manufacturers, like Under Armour, Reebok, and GAP, to create the most fabulous clothes for sports lovers.

Nha Be Garment Corporation – Joint Stock Company

It is among Vietnam’s first clothing enterprises. Thanks to its long history, it is always a brand for customers to consider, bringing Vietnam’s reputation to the globe.


In recent years, Hachiba has shifted its business model from processing to manufacturing based on customer requirements with a fixed unit price, resulting in increased access and quality to more international customers.

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Sports bra

Current Market

The training clothes belong to the textile and garment sector. According to the World Trade Organization report, Vietnam’s garment and textile exports ranked second overall in 2020. 

Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS) reports that the export value of these commodities is expected to reach US$39 billion in 2021, increasing 11.2 % compared with the previous year.

The United States remains Vietnam’s largest export destination, responsible for half of all imports, followed by the European Union, Japan, and Korea.

According to the General Secretary of VITAS, last year, the apparel industry overcame numerous challenges, particularly in the 3rd quarter, to sustain year-over-year export earnings.

VITAS has also contributed to the development of policies to assist and facilitate the operation of enterprises. It has also participated in free-trade negotiations as part of a federal delegation.

However, businesses are also suffering a decrease in contracts due to missed deadlines and rising raw material costs, making it challenging for them to maintain and recover production.

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The current market
The current market

How To Import Training Clothes From Vietnam? Shipping Process

Exporting and importing training garments is a complicated procedure. Due to stringent product quality monitoring, companies will need to pay great attention to the overseas delivery process.

The following are the typical steps in the shipping process that you should be aware of:

Step 1: Preparing products and paperwork for export

The following are some of the necessary documents:

  • Packing List
  • Customs Declaration
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Contract
  • Certificate Of Origin

Step 2: Request a freight schedule and confirm the booking for a shipping unit.

Step 3: After packing the goods inside the cargo, transport them to the seaport.

Step 4: To export textiles, you must file a customs declaration.

Step 5: Unload cargo at the terminal and deliver it to the customs inspection station.

Step 6: Deliver goods to customers.

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Delivery procedure

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The Bottom Line

That’s all about the procedure to import training clothes from Vietnam. As you can see, international shipment is time-consuming and tricky if you import products yourself. 

It’s time to work with VNcomex! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask us in the comment below. Thanks for reading!

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