How To Import Turmeric From Vietnam? Import Market & Origin

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Turmeric is a very precious medicinal plant that is highly appreciated by scientists and medical professionals, among many other medicinal plants. 

The main active ingredient is curcumin, which has been studied based on clinical experimental results proving that curcumin has many valuable biological activities such as anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, helping to protect the liver and kidneys. 

And some parts of the body. It is also one of many people who import and export to foreign markets. Today, we will learn together how to import Turmeric from Vietnam.

Origin – Import Turmeric From Vietnam

The Origin: import Turmeric From Vietnam
The Origin

It has many different names. It is a perennial herb with the scientific name Curcuma longa L. (Ginger family).

This herb is about 0.6 – 1m tall. The tuberous rhizome is cylindrical or slightly flattened. On the day of harvest, we will break or cut across the tubers, and you will see a yellow one with a dark orange-yellow color. 

This color is due to the curcumin component. Besides, turmeric leaves have a tapered oval shape at both ends. Both sides are smooth up to 45cm long, 15-18cm wide. 

The leaves are widely trough-shaped, and the rounded tips are light green. In addition, the young leaves are narrower, and they will be slightly purple. Inflorescences grow between the leaves to a light cone, outer petals green, pale yellow, divided into three distinct lobes.

It has a bitter, spicy taste, a slightly pungent odor, a relatively warm nature, and a light yellow (3-5%) essential oil. There are also some related substances such as starch, fat, and calcium oxalate.

In Vietnam, yellow turmeric has abundant reserves and is grown everywhere. From coastal plains to high mountains (over 1500m).

We will see turmeric in some places in the district: Quang Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Lam Dong, Meo Vac (Ha Giang), Sin Ho, Phong Tho Lai Chau. 

In some northern localities, wild turmeric has up to 1000 tons reserves. We will have a way to make yellow starch that many Eastern and Western medical circles are still using to make medicine if you want to know more about the uses.

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Vietnam Turmeric Import/Export Market

import Turmeric From Vietnam 2
Vietnamese Turmeric Import

The price of fresh turmeric fluctuates from year to year; in 2/2017, fresh turmeric has always been at 8 – 10,000 VND/kg, and 12,000 – 14,000 VND/kg – (0,5-0,6$) in the Northern provinces rise, but the supply is not enough to import Turmeric from Vietnam.

2018 is considered a broken year for turmeric due to many different reasons. However, there was a time when the price of fresh Turmeric dropped to only 2000-3500 VND/kg – (900-1500$). The “unstoppable decline” of the cost of Turmeric has made many people anxious because it may cause a significant loss.

In Vietnam, Dak Lak province is the province with the most significant area and output in the country, and a fresh one is to markets such as Japan, Korea, Canada, UK, importing Vietnamese Turmeric. They will often import it to process milk powder, spices, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

The price in a foreign market:

  • Organic Root Extract 95% Curcumin Powder is at $12.00-$15.00/Kilogram. 
  • Organic Fresh Curcumin Root Gold for Skin is $24.90-$26.90/ Bag.
  • Indian Ground 15 G Aidigo HIT OF SALES 50 for $0.22/ Piece
  • Good quality Fresh Vietnam origin turmeric powder is an $11.00/Kilogram
  • Vietnam red one – New Crop 2021 is priced at $500.00-$700.00/ Metric Ton

Shipping Process

import Turmeric From Vietnam 3
Shipping Process

Importing and exporting it goes through the same basic steps as most other agricultural products and products.

Step 1: Prepare the product.

The documents you need to prepare are customs declaration, commercial invoice, stamps of the importing country, purchase sheet, certificate of origin, phytosanitary, air waybill, or sea waybill.

Step 2: Prepare documents.

The documents you need to prepare to include customs declaration, commercial invoice, stamps of the importing country, purchase sheet, certificate of origin, phytosanitary, air waybill, or sea waybill.

Step 3: Prepare the vehicle.

The means of export can be by air or by sea. At the same time, you need an air or sea waybill to take the next step.

Step 4: Customs declaration

The company will make customs declarations directly at the customs where the goods are gathered or online on the portal.

Step 5: Perform export and import

Goods leave the place and depart for the importing country and proceed to distribution or other food production.

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