Complete Guides On How To Import Underwear From Vietnam

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Lingerie is the secret weapon that makes women and men attractive. The lingerie items hidden under the clothes exalt the seductive curves. 

As a practical item in creating beautiful costumes, it is also a private and discreet feeling that any woman or man worries about. 

Today, we will guide you on how to import underwear from Vietnam.

The Origin

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The material

Underwear Vietnam has many different materials, and here are some common materials that brands and manufacturers often use as follows:

  • Cotton fabric (cotton fiber fabric)

Cotton fabric (Cotton) is the most used and preferred substance in underwear manufacturing. Not only does it have good absorbency, ventilation. Cotton fabric is a natural fabric that is very good for the skin, especially for sensitive people.

  • Bamboo technology (bamboo fiber fabric)

Bamboo material, also known as bamboo silk, is a new material gradually becoming popular. It is also the material used a lot in high-end men’s underwear.

With the advantage of being a natural material from bamboo silk technology, it is entirely harmless to reproductive health and skin. This material also has high elasticity. According to manufacturers, the elasticity of This material is 4 times higher than ordinary cotton fabric.

  • Microfiber material

It is also one of the most popular materials. Microfiber is a combination of two types of polyesters and polyamides. Microfiber material has outstanding features that are highly elastic, breathable for the skin, and easy to wash.

This fabric is very suitable for underwear used in physical activities and sports. However, there is still a slight disadvantage: this sweat absorption type is not as good as cotton, but it is still an excellent material.

  • Polyester material

With a unique structure, polyester has many advantages such as anti-wrinkle high resistance to dirt, and mildew. Therefore, they are used a lot in the fashion industry.

Most of the close-knit garments that we use every day have the presence of this material, which shows how popular polyester is.

  • Modal fabric (oak fiber fabric)

This is a material made from oak wood used for underwear, towels, bedsheets because it has a texture similar to cotton but has different characteristics. It feels fantastic, incredibly soft to the touch, and has super good absorbency.

Not only that, but it is also resistant to fabric shrinkage and has very high durability. When wearing underwear made of this material, the wearer will feel very secure and comfortable.

These are pretty good materials, so their prices are often very high and are only available in high-end men’s products.

  • Rayon material

Its properties are generally similar to cotton, good absorbency when ironing, it is easier to flatten than cotton. Safe for users, widely used in underwear.

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Vietnam Underwear Export/Import Market


Manufacturing & Market
Manufacturing & Market

This year, the company realizes that the domestic and foreign markets are pretty favorable, so it plans to increase revenue by about 50% compared to last year. In addition, Son Viet also promotes the design and production of underwear products for children and pregnant women to enrich the market.

According to the calculation of the leader of an underwear company in Ho Chi Minh City, currently, the lingerie market in Vietnam is quite large, with a population of 90 million people, of which about 60 million people use underwear. 

If an average person uses 6 sets a year with the price of each product being about 5$, the total market revenue is up to 1500$. Currently, 60% are low-end, 35% mid-range, and 15% are high-end products.

It is worth mentioning that Vietnamese enterprises currently only dominate the mid-end segment. High-end and low-end belong to foreign enterprises, and products are floating from China to Thailand.

Importing Underwear From Vietnam will range from $5 – $10/piece with mid-range products. It will cost a few dozen – several hundred dollars for high-end products.

How To Import Underwear From Vietnam? Shipping Process

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Container shipment

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Here are 4 steps in the import Underwear From Vietnam shipping process that you can refer to:

Step 1: Prepare the goods

Goods need to be checked following the requirements of the importing enterprise and carefully packed before moving to the warehouse.

Step 2: Prepare documents and means

Standard export customs documents include:

  • Business registration of export enterprises
  • Tax code certification
  • Commercial contract
  • Packing list
  • Container handover minutes
  • Certificate of Origin (C/O)

Of course, before that, businesses need to work with transportation service providers to negotiate and discuss reasonable methods and means.

Step 3: Customs declaration

Enterprises can make customs declarations directly at the Customs Sub-Department or make electronic declarations as long as it is reasonable, fast, and convenient as possible.

Specifically, suppose the place to do customs procedures directly is the headquarters of the border gate Customs Sub-Department. 

In that case, the office of the Customs Sub-Department outside the border gate is the place to receive the documents.

On the contrary, if an enterprise chooses to make an electronic customs declaration, the place to receive and process customs dossiers may be the customs office of the province, inter-province, or centrally-run city.

Step 4: Import

After the procedure is done, the shipping unit proceeds to move the goods to the importing country. 

This unit and the receiving enterprise work with the customs in their country, carry out the dismantling of goods and bring them to the company’s warehouse.


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The article has provided information about Underwear exported from Vietnam. It is a product with a large output and various designs and materials. 

At the same time, you will undoubtedly choose the most suitable product for your business through the articles that we give.

If you have questions or concerns about the import-export process, please leave your information below or contact us via email at [email protected]. We are always ready to assist you as soon as possible.

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