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The weather in Vietnam is very favorable for the cultivation of tropical fruits. That is why watermelons thrive in this country.

If you plan to import watermelon from Vietnam, this article is for you. Let’s read on to learn how to approach this potential market with Vncomex.

Origin Of Vietnamese Watermelon

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Actual studies show that this fruit is not native to ancient Mesopotamia. Susanne Renner, a botanist from Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany, and her colleagues sequenced the genes of domesticated watermelons (watermelons sold in markets and supermarkets). present) – along with six other wild watermelon species.

Susanne Renner said: “We found that the genome of the domesticated watermelon was correlated with the wildest Sudanese melon. However, the Sudanese wild watermelon had white flesh, a pale taste, and was not tasty. Therefore, they are mainly used as fodder”.

Based on the genetic similarities between the two types of melons, the researchers concluded that the Sudanese fruit may have been a precursor to today’s watermelon. The study results were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in June 2021.

The researchers suggest that the ancient farmers knew how to grow and select the tastier variations of watermelon and grow them to this day. In addition, the normal domestication process also eliminates bitter, bland variants and retains better varieties.

The red color can also be the result of artificial selection. It is more favored and bred by farmers than other colors. Archaeologists found the first watermelon seeds in the tomb of the ancient Egyptian king Tutankhamun 3,300 years ago.

Over time, watermelons have been carefully selected and bred more widely. With insights into the DNA of wild watermelons, biologists can breed beneficial genetic variants and transplant them into modern cultivars without affecting flavor or color. It makes watermelon farming easier, creating even greater value for this delectable food.

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Vietnam Watermelon Export Market

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China is a potential market for Vietnam’s watermelon exports

According to information from the Department of Industry and Trade, watermelon is one of the people’s favorite fruits in China. In addition, a small part of the imported watermelon is used to make jam or juice for drinking. Therefore, the demand for this fruit in this country is enormous.

According to information from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, China currently has an area of ​​about two million hectares of watermelon cultivation, accounting for about one-tenth of the total area of fruit and vegetable crops in this country. The average watermelon production is about 73-75 million tons/year.

Statistics from China Customs show that, from 2014 to early 2018, the country imported more than 200,000 tons of this fruit (total value of 30 million USD) from many countries, including Vietnam. But, unfortunately, this number is decreasing. That is sad news for Vietnam and many other countries.

In 2017, the country imported more than 180,000 tons of watermelon, worth $31.8 million. In addition to Vietnam, they also import watermelons from Malaysia and Myanmar.

According to information from the Vietnam Trade Office Branch in Nanning, Guangxi, China, this local customs branch has asked fruit importers in the area to change the watermelon lining material. The fact is that up until now, Vietnam’s watermelons were mainly wrapped in rice straw. Specifically, exporters must use non-toxic materials from mid-2019.

Since mid-January 2018, the country has improved the management and traceability of imported watermelons. In addition, the list of growers and packing enterprises participating in the export must be notified to the Chinese side.

Agricultural exporters must work carefully with Chinese importers to minimize risks and ensure sustainable exports. It allows exporters to comply with quality standards, quarantine, and testing regulations.

How To Import Watermelon From Vietnam?- Shipping Process 

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Import Watermelon From Vietnam

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Vncomex will discuss the shipping process and related documents. According to current regulations, watermelon import and export procedures are the same as other fruits.

Documents Required for Export

To export this agricultural product, the exporter must fully prepare the following documents:

  • Customs declaration
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Sale contract (or Commercial contract)

In addition, the importing party can also request the exporting party to prepare the following documents:

  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • Certificate of origin

Customs Clearance 

Plant quarantine registration procedures

  • Step 1: Register an account to do plant quarantine.
  • Step 2: Register an order that needs plant quarantine.
  • Step 3: Carry out inspection and sampling procedures for the consignment subject to phytosanitary quarantine
  • Step 4: Submit a complete application to get the quarantine certificate.

Customs clearance procedures

  • Step 1: Negotiate and sign the contract
  • Step 2: Prepare agricultural products for export
  • Step 3: Choose a form of transportation and hire a means of transport
  • Step 4: Complete customs procedures
  • Step 5: Pay the contract

Documents required for import

To import watermelon, the importer needs to prepare the following documents:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Customs declaration
  • Packing list
  • Bill of Lading
  • Sales contract (Commercial contract)
  • C/O (Certificate of Origin)
  • Phytosanitary certificate in the exporting country

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Hopefully, you already have some ideas about “How to import watermelon from Vietnam. However, if the process of importing this fruit is too complicated for you, let us help you.

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