How To Import Wood Flooring From Vietnam? [Ultimate Guides [hienthinam]]

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Wood Flooring is widely used in every country worldwide. It is also an essential export item of Vietnam. If you want to import wood flooring from Vietnam, this article is for you.

Through this article, Vncomex, a company with many years of experience in importing and exporting Vietnamese products, will share knowledge on the above issues.

The Origin

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Natural products

Wooden floors can be divided into many types based on structure. But it is often divided into two common categories, including natural and artificial products.

Natural floors first appeared when used as a design and decoration item in the architecture of the Palace of Versailles in 1683. Currently, only the wealthy can afford natural floors because they are costly.

Currently, wooden flooring is one of Vietnam’s essential export products.

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Vietnam Wood Flooring Export/Import Market

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It is one of the important exports

Natural flooring tends to be more prevalent in the international market. Natural wood flooring is currently being exported a lot to European countries.

As a result, wood export turnover to this market in 2020 reached nearly 11.2 billion USD, achieving a growth rate of 15.6% compared to 2019.

It is an impressive accomplishment because the current economic situation is affected by the covid pandemic. Many industries were affected, with a marked decrease in growth. The fact is that the export volume of products belonging to the group of wood materials also decreased.

2020 will witness the spectacular growth of the export market of this country, especially in four major markets, including the United States, Japan, China, and South Korea.

This year, the turnover from this market accounted for 76% of the total export turnover of Vietnam’s all markets. The turnover from the US market accounted for 40.2% of the total export turnover of the whole industry. Growth from this market in 2020 will reach 13.6%, making the most significant contribution to boosting the industry’s export turnover in 2021.

The wood industry grows in the direction of both quantity and quality. However, it may still face some difficulties due to changes in international markets, including Vietnam’s four most important markets, the United States, Japan, China, and South Korea.

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US market

Former President Trump’s trade policy follows the direction of reducing the trade deficit, protecting trade, and encouraging domestic production. This policy directly impacted China, which has the largest trade surplus from the United States. Therefore, recently, we have witnessed the growth in investment in the wood industry by Chinese enterprises in Vietnam.

The United States is the market that consumes about 20% of Vietnam’s total exports. As a result, the surplus in the trade balance between the United States and Vietnam is about 32 billion USD per year.

So, Vietnam goods have received much attention from the United States, especially for export items such as electronics, apparel, footwear, and furniture.

Vietnam’s trade surplus from the United States reached over 2 billion USD, particularly for wooden products. This surplus, combined with investment flows from China into Vietnam’s wood processing industry, will likely generate particular concern from US regulators. 

It requires the wood industry and the management agencies of Vietnam to take appropriate preparation steps to minimize changes in exports to the US market.

China, Japan, and Korea Markets

Up to now, China has been a very open market for Vietnamese wood products. As a result, the trade surplus of Vietnam’s wood products from this market is about over 600 million USD per year. However, the items exported to this market are mainly raw products.

The Japanese government has enacted the Clean Wood Act, which took effect in May 2019. Currently, the Government is issuing documents guiding the application of this Act.

The Korean government enacted the Act on the Sustainable Use of Wood which officially took effect in March 2018. This act applies measures to tighten wooden import products into this market.

These factors will affect the export activities of Vietnam’s products to these markets in the future.

How To Import Wood Flooring From Vietnam? Shipping Process

  • Government regulations

Before importing this item, you need to determine if it complies with the laws of your country. In addition, you should also inquire about any particular government regulatory policies for this item.

  • Label

According to the current regulations of many countries, imported goods must have adequate labels, and this item is no exception.

  • Shipping Method

The two most common international shipping methods are sea and air. Your business needs to consider to make the most appropriate decision.

  • Here are the process of importing goods from Vietnam:

Step 1: Find a reliable supplier.

Step 2: Sign the transaction contract.

Step 3: Receive shipment information.

Step 4: Schedule the shipment.

Step 5: Perform import service.

Step 6: Complete the service.

As you can see, the import process is not too complicated. However, inexperienced people will take quite a while to complete this process.

So, the best thing is to work with a reliable shipping company, which will do all the work related to the import process on your behalf.

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About Vncomex JSC

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We have many years of experience in the industry

We always believe that Vncomex is the perfect choice for your shipments for the following reasons:

The Vast Network of Transportation Worldwide

We can make reservations with most shipping lines and airlines in countries that import goods from Vietnam. Hence, we can handle port-to-port, door-to-door delivery to 200 countries worldwide.

Experienced Staff Team

Our creative and dedicated employees have been in the logistics industry for more than ten years. They not only have long-term experience in the field of freight forwarding, but they are also experts in the field of customs clearance.

Always Strive for Global Customer Satisfaction

We work with three core values: Dedication – Integrity – Intelligence. We always accompany customers as friends, advisors, and employees.


Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to cooperate with you in the future. Contact us right now if you want advice on manual import wood flooring from Vietnam. Thank you for reading!

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