Complete Guide On How To Import Wood Pellet From Vietnam

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You probably all know that shavings, sawdust, or the tip of the top edge of the wood can all be waste products of the wood industry in Vietnam. They seem like a waste, but in the past 10 years, they have brought in up to 450 to 500 million USD for export when manufactured into super clean fuel pellets and bring many environmental benefits.

If you are interested and learning about wood pellets, this article covers all the information about how to import wood Pellet From Vietnam.

Origin Of Vietnamese Wood Pellet 

The origin: import Wood Pellet From Vietnam
The origin

As mentioned earlier, wood pellets are from biotic materials such as sawdust, shavings, peanut shells, corn stalks, and many other wood wastes. These waste products are assembled through modern and advanced production lines into small and hardwood pellets by the manufacturer.

Basically, this wood pellet has relatively low moisture content and high heat output, so it is suitable and safe for users’ health. That’s why more and more people are using them.

Besides, many people know pellets as environmentally friendly biofuels and do not have any additives such as glue or chemicals. Therefore, this pellet is also the most superior substitute for coal and consumed by factories to generate electricity.

 In addition, this tablet is also frequently chosen by users for use in fireplaces as a fuel with high energy generation of up to 4600 kcal/kg, but the amount of ash is minimal, less than 1%. 

In general, it can be that this wood pellet has superior performance over other biofuels such as firewood or chips because it has five times higher energy density and provides increased capacity. 

Increased efficiency for transportation and storage. Since then, it has significantly reduced carbon’s impact on the environment. In addition, the price of this product is also lower than many other materials on the market.

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Wood Pellet Import/Export Market In Vietnam

import Wood Pellet From Vietnam 3
Market In Vietnam

According to statistics from the beginning of July 2021 from the General Department of Customs, Vietnam exported more than 3 million tons of pellets of all kinds in 2020. At the same time, it became the country with the second-highest export record of this product worldwide.

Besides, Vietnam’s wood pellet shipments increased significantly from 175 tons in 2013 to 3.2 million tons in 2019. In addition, the export revenue of this product also increased dramatically from 23 million USD in 2013. to 351 million USD by 2020. Indeed an impressive number!

Not only that, you may not know that pellets are one of the beneficial products in significant markets such as Europe, Korea, Japan, North America, etc. According to statistics from VIFOREST – Vietnam and Forest Products Association, Vietnam’s pellets are mainly exported to Japan and Korea to be an input source for thermal production.

As you all know, most of these areas have shallow temperatures, so the demand for fireplaces in each family is very high, so it’s easy to explain why the market for wood pellets is more elevated in each of these countries.

In general, this product’s export/import market has enormous potential. According to an assessment from VIFOREST, the global demand will increase about 250% in the next decade, equivalent to 36 million tons in 2031.

Here are a few figures about importing wood pellet from Vietnam that you can refer to:

  • Sawdust and waste pellets used as fuel for boilers: 0.1 USD/kg
  • 100% new pellet: 126.42/ton
  • Wood pellets without heat treatment: 127.46/ton
  • Wood pellets from trash sawdust (rubberwood, yellow cotton Melaleuca): 152USD/ton
  • Sawdust pellets from rubber mulch: 138 USD/ton
  • Wood pellets from sawdust, pine, and melaleuca: 137USD/ton

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How To Import Wood Pellet From Vietnam? Shipping Process

import Wood Pellet From Vietnam 4
International Shipment

Basically, you will find that wood pellet is a relatively inexpensive product and receive a lot of popularity from users. If you intend to export/import this item, here is some information about the shipping process and export-import of wood pellets from Vietnam.

Make sure you have prepared the phytosanitary registration documents first. 

Usually, this document includes plant quarantine registration application, contract, Sample of quarantine shipment, and a few other related documents.

After that, you need to declare the shipment information on the Plant Quarantine Department of Region II website. Then you need to wait for about 24 hours, and the agency will send you a draft of the certificate and the procedure for exporting sawdust pellets.

Immediately after that, when you complete the procedures and receive the phytosanitary draft, you continue to need to send it to the import receiving agency for information review. If satisfactory, please return to the Quarantine Sub-Department plants for quarantine and payment.

In general, the information we just mentioned earlier is essential and mandatory for you to complete before you want to export / import any item.

Besides, you also need to approve the declaration to the customs and carefully prepare other additional documents. If you are still confused and need more information, choose a reputable support company so that they can explain your problems more clearly.


If you are the first to do import/export transactions and are having trouble importing wood pellets from Vietnam, perhaps VNCOMEX JSC will be one of the perfect saviors you are looking for.

VNCOMEX was established at the end of December 2020, although the operation period is not too long. Still, since its establishment, the company has always ensured regular consolidation and development to provide customers with valuable products at the same time and price.

Regardless of the product, the company always ensures the full implementation of processes from production and packaging, accompanied by experienced and highly trained technicians.

Connecting businesses and communities to create a better future through exporting products.

Overall, with the mission of connecting with people, businesses, and communities, VNCOMEX always creates a better future through the products it is exporting.

That’s why we have also exported/imported various products to 30 countries worldwide and received many invitations to cooperate from famous and prestigious guests in the market.


We hope you have grasped the information about importing wood pellets from Vietnam that we mentioned earlier. In addition, we also hope that the information about the origin and market of wood pellets from Vietnam also helps you to know more exciting things.

Finally, if you have any questions, leave a comment right below this article, we will soon send you the most suitable answer. Thank you for reading!

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