How To Import Wood Shavings From Vietnam?

Are you an international customer wanting to import wood shavings from Vietnam? On our website, you may locate some trusted wood shaving vendors, or you can directly contact to us.

Vncomex provides you with the best quality products at affordable prices as well as will help you import this product from Vietnam to anywhere globally.

The Origin

Are you seeking high-quality wood shavings that can be delivered immediately to your location? We are the ideal business partner for you!

We provide this product in various quantities and ensure that you receive them as quickly as possible. Wood shavings are a product that appears during the woodworking process. 

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We use pinewood to make the shavings

We use white, soft pine timber to make the shavings. Pinewood is from Norway spruce, the most often used timber in Vietnam. 

The difference between sawdust and wood shavings is that the former is coarser. The primary purpose of this product is as a stable litter for various animals. 

As a result, the shavings are a cover for stables for cows, goats, and horses and in poultry production and filling cages and lofts for rodents.

Wood shavings are ideal whenever you want to offer your stables a unique appearance. It will help your stables appear tidy and inviting. Furthermore, because this product will be sieved many times, they will be dust-free.

It is ideal for pets that are allergic to dust. Furthermore, wood shavings won’t get trapped in animals’ hoovers and will feel good on their feet and legs.

The shavings have a sizable spreading volume due to their resilience and coarseness. You can save both money and working hours as a result of this.

Finally, compared to straw, they have a three-fold higher absorption capacity. Ammonia smells will fade quickly, giving way to a natural timber aroma.

The Market To Import Wood Shavings From Vietnam

According to the statistics from the export study, about 40 nations and territories continuously import wood shavings from Vietnam.

The entire export value is 0.38 million dollars. As a result, if any exporter desires to import wood shavings from Vietnam, Vncomex provides comprehensive advice on how to do so.

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How to import wood shavings from Vietnam?

China is the top importer of Vietnamese wood shavings. China accounted for 33.14 percent of Vietnam’s total 0.94 million dollar value of wood shaving shipments. 

The major nations import wood shavings from Vietnam: China, Japan, Canada, Nepal, Singapore, and Bahrain.

China was the leading importer of wood shaving in 2020-2021 (from April to November), with a stake of 33.14 percent, followed by Canada with 0.05 USD million in imports.

For the past ten years, China has been importing a lot of wood shavings from Vietnam. Vietnam’s top five wood shaving importing nations accounted for 79.57 percent of the country’s total exports.

These numbers provide data on a 17.95 percent change in total imports from 2009 to 2015. This product’s imports from Vietnam have decreased by 38.94 percent since 2010.

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How To Import Wood Shavings From Vietnam? Shipping Process

All of our vehicles feature walking floors, eliminating the need to elevate the bed to unload. Any vehicle can reverse into a barn with a clearance of 12 feet height or more. 

If you have a narrower entry, please provide the dimensions when submitting your order to send the appropriate vehicle. Here are some choices for you to make a purchase.

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Many farmers use this product instead of straw to cover livestock stables

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Place An Order

You may contact our office line, (+84) 24 66 88 96 65, via phone or email to schedule deliveries. Monday to Friday, our office is open (excluding holidays).

If we miss your call, we will call you again as soon as possible within business hours. Please place your order at least 3-5 days in advance, as our program fills up rapidly.

Discuss Auto-Delivery Program

We understand how stressful running a farm or horse barn is, and with so much going on, you may forget the shavings sometimes. When making your order, please inquire about our auto-delivery service.

We’ll be pleased to assist you in estimating how frequently you’ll need to order, and we can set this up so that a shipment is made regularly without you having to order.

We can change your schedule if you require less or more time. Changes are simple to make, and you may cancel a delivery if you do not need bedding for livestock that week.

Why Should You Choose Us?

The import-export trade industry for wood shavings considerably contributes to Vietnam’s total GDP percentage. It is no surprise that we’ve figured out how to make the most of this wonderful opportunity for you.

We recognize that most import companies are involved in sourcing various items, such as machinery, raw materials, and consumer goods.

As a result, we offer complete import digital solutions and export solutions to a wide range of import/export trade companies.

Our wood shavings import and export data solutions are tailored to your specific volume, quality, seasonality, and geographic requirements.

We also assist you in obtaining precise information on critical export/import fields such as product descriptions, quantity, duty, and pricing. 

Our data sets the door for profitable relationships that benefit businesses in global and local sectors.

We take pleasure in collaborating with you to give as many alternatives and conveniences as possible to make the shipment of your product as simple as possible.

Vncomex delivers your goods quickly and efficiently using a combination of our vehicles, box trucks, and contract trucks. We’d be pleased to load your trucks or a common carrier if that’s what you choose. 

We are always glad to collaborate with you to find the most convenient and practical shipping option.

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After reading this post, you can feel more at ease when drafting dossiers and processes to import wood shavings from Vietnam.

Vncomex is always ready to help, study customs regulations, and provide transshipment services for these goods if any unanswered queries. We will add the most value to the business with our many years of actual knowledge and skill in logistics. Thank you for reading!

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