How To Import Woodchip From Vietnam? The Shipping Procedure

Many people use wood chips as a common building element. Several homesteads have it, and it’s also common in parks, gardens, and public settings.

That’s why many enterprises invest in this commodity. Do you also share this same business goal? So, where is the ideal import destination?

Look no further than Vietnam. How to import woodchip from Vietnam? Let’s click on this article to learn more about the shipping procedure in detail.

The Origin


These items are a type of industrial wood. They are considered a solution to take advantage of sawdust and wood chips layers in the production process.

Manufacturers mix these chips with glue and press them at high temperatures to make wood chips.

Chipboards are typically constructed from eucalyptus, pine, acacia, or rubber tree chips. Surface materials like veneer, acrylic, or melamine are commonly applied to cover the surface.

Furniture built from these commodities is inexpensive because it takes advantage of waste items in the manufacturing process.

Many types of interior and external furniture, such as dining tables, desks, dressing tables, and doors, are chipboard.

Max Himmelheber, a German inventor and pilot, invented wood chips. Despite being born in 1932, they were not widespread until the 1940s.

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The history of woodchips


Raw materials used to produce wood core are wood chips, sawdust, shavings, shavings of the rubber tree, eucalyptus, pine, and acacia.

In addition, people also use sugarcane bagasse, straw, flax, hemp to add to them. These plants also contain lignin and cellulose, which are solid, insoluble substances in water.


They are usually divided into two types: standard and moisture resistant wood core.

The standard variety is usually a standard manufactured type, generally using these items and specialized glue, and then pressed.

As for moisture-resistant types, people will add melamine, cement, or gypsum to increase adhesion bearing capacity and limit swelling.

The moisture-resistant type can withstand humid environments such as bathrooms because the interior has an anti-water absorption component.

On the other hand, the standard type is often easily damaged when exposed to a lot of water in a humid environment.

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These products are extremely common in making furniture due to their low cost and good quality. Here are some great applications of these products:

  • They are an essential and essential source of raw materials for the processing and production of one of the most potential biomass fuels today, wood pellets.
  • They are also one of the miracle drugs of the fertilizer and farming industry.
  • They are one of the crucial components of fireproof ultralight bricks.
  • They are prevalent and helpful for making plywood panels of different sizes, suitable for various uses.
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Applications in furniture

Current Market

According to the head of the Vietnam Woodchips Association, after a decade of development, up to now, Vietnam has become the country with the most significant export volume of chips globally.

The processing and exporting industry has become an essential component of Vietnam’s wood industry ecosystem.

On average, each year, the export of these commodities is earning about US$1.5 billion, accounting for 15 to 18% of the total export turnover of wood products of Vietnam.

The annual export volume is about 12 million tons, equivalent to 24 million m3 of raw input logs.

Particularly in the first seven months of 2020, the export volume reached over 6.9 million tons, bringing in a foreign currency of US$923 million.

Vietnam’s woodchips’ three main export markets are China, Japan, and South Korea. The volume exported to the three markets above in the first seven months of 2021 accounts for 98% of the total export volume of the industry.

China is the largest import market, accounting for 67% of the total volume, Japan accounted for 28%, and South Korea accounted for 3%.

Recently, the price of these commodities has dropped sharply, which has had a significant impact on the activities of businesses, afforestation households, and the export value of the wood industry.

For this industry to develop sustainably and integrate deeply with the world market, in the coming time, the Vietnam Woodchip Association will encourage its member enterprises to operate in the direction of product diversification.

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Current market

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How To Import Woodchip From Vietnam? Shipping Process

The export demand for these commodities is enormous, especially given the current market conditions. If your company still has questions regarding exporting these products, Vncomex can help!

Export Conditions

The good news is these products are legal items for export. However, organizations and individuals need to have legal forest product dossiers to export these commodities.

Thus, when there is a legal forest product dossier, the organization or individual exporting these products only needs to carry out customs procedures to complete the export procedure.

Export Procedures

The following are the steps in the process of exporting these commodities:

Step 1: Prepare customs documents

Individuals and businesses must compile dossiers that include the following paperwork and documents:

  • Customs declaration
  • Commercial invoice
  • List of forest products
  • Trust contract
  • Certificate of origin

Step 2: Declare information in the customs declaration and register for customs declaration.

Step 3: The customs authority will inspect the customs declaration according to the conditions prescribed by law.

Step 4: Competent authority to distribute declarations

Step 5: Customs clearance of wood chips

Shipping procedure
Shipping procedure

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The Bottom Line

That’s all about the essential details of the shipping procedure. Now you must understand the way to import woodchip from Vietnam.

In general, this process is relatively challenging if you do business independently. That’s why we are here to bring the best service for you!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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