Import Wooden Logs From Vietnam: The Current Market And Shipping Method

With a total forest area of 14.6 million hectares, Vietnam has a lot of benefits from exporting wood. On the other hand, many countries want to import wooden logs from Vietnam

This ultimate guide must be where you start if you are among them. Let’s read on to discover! 

The Origin of Vietnamese Wooden logs

Wooden logs appear to be the most common type of prepared wood. They can be oak, ash, and beech wood, which are famous for producing high-quality timber.

These wood logs can keep the fire for a long period, extending your waiting time to add more wood. 


This species is extremely strong, weighty, and long-lasting. It has a pale color and a distinct grain.

The wood is valuable for its solid structure and extended life span, preparing the plant for its long life cycle.

This hardwood has attracted a lot of woodworkers because of its strength, homogeneity, and beautiful texture. We also use it for construction.

The hardwood can work as firewood and superb material for making flooring and homewares, thanks to its excellent appearance and durability. 


There are multiple species of beech on the earth. However, when it comes to practical applications, only the European and American kinds count.

Beech can serve many applications thanks to its straight, long trunks, which provide durable and easy timber to handle.

Beech is an ideal material for making wooden frames that support a house’s ceiling in construction. Furniture designers also use it to make chair carcasses.


Ash is a smooth-grained and light-colored hardwood that blooms in groups. The European variety grows in forests. You can also find it in parks or hedgerows across Europe. 

For elegant furniture, ash timber has long been the best option. It’s incredibly long-lasting and has a rich history in the furniture industry.

It’s not only robust, but it’s also lightweight and visually pleasing. Moreover, it can work well at absorbing stains.

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import wooden logs from Vietnam 1
All the timbers are durable and look nice

Current Market For Importing Vietnamese Wooden Logs

In the first five months of 2021, Vietnam exported approximately $6.6 billion of wooden products, up 61.3% year on year.

Export value

The country spent nearly $1.3 billion importing wood products between January and June in 2021, increasing 40.6 % year on year.

In 2016, the country implemented a countrywide logging prohibition in natural forests. Since then, it has increased forestation and purchased wood.

However, the next few years experienced a significant development of exporting these products across the world. 

The country earned over 1.4 billion dollars in May from the export of these products, an increase of 80.3 % compared to the same period of the previous year. 

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to the remarkable increase in wood export. People had more time to upgrade their furniture and houses during that time. 

Major importers

Vietnam primarily exports these products to the United States, Korea, China, Japan, and the EU-27.

Export revenue to these five crucial areas totaled $10.78 billion in 2020, up 19% from 2019, and accounted for 89.7% of total wood product export value.

The export market share in 2020 was as follows:

Importer Market share (%)
United States 58
Japan 11
China 10
EU-27 4
Korea 7
Australia 1
Canada 2
United Kingdom 2
Others  5


Enterprises must understand and take full advantage of the benefits of Free Trade Agreements with other countries. 

Local businesses should also promote e-commerce and boost product exports through distribution systems from overseas retail companies.

In addition to grabbing all chances, the industry’s export outlook in 2022 is quite optimistic due to rising consumption from major importers, such as the USA.

The Agreement’s parties often grant the Vietnamese wood sector advantageous rates of 0% directly or in 4 to 6 years in terms of tax rates.

These benefits let Vietnamese products compete more effectively with those from other wood-exporting areas.

import wooden logs from Vietnam 2
The country can expand its influence in the future

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How To Import Wooden Logs From Vietnam?

Exported goods have to pass customs clearance requirements, including the specifications, quality, quantity, and volume of the items.

Customs documents

Customs agents require exporting businesses to submit a stack of documents, such as: 

  • Bill of lading
  • Contract
  • Certificate of origin
  • Export permit
  • Commercial invoice
  • Customs export declaration form
  • Packing list
  • Technical standard

Processing time

The processing time varies depending on the shipping method you are working on. 

For example, import shipments take one to three days to complete. However, you can finish the export shipments in just one day. 

When it comes to the shipping method, you have two choices:

  • Air freight: This approach is faster. However, you should expect a high cost.
  • Sea freight: You can save money when choosing this method. Of course, the shipping time will be slower. 
import wooden logs from Vietnam 3
Sea freight is also a more common shipping method

Priority customs

If you don’t break the bank on the customs clearance, you can request priority processing.

Priority inspection provides businesses with many advantages. They will undoubtedly speed up the customs clearance process and save costs.

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