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As we know, working gloves are essential for most professions. They can protect workers’ hands from potential hazards while working.

If you are looking for an ideal import destination, look no further than Vietnam. So, if you want to import working gloves from Vietnam, you should refer to this article to get more information!

The Origin

This item is essential for many professions, and it also comes in different types. The following are the most popular types today.

Cotton/Fabric Glove

These products are used very commonly in laboratories or medical facilities. They can protect you from biological hazards, solvents, chemicals, and other harmful substances.

These products would not be ideal for working with sharp tools or flames.

Aluminized Glove

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Aluminized gloves

These products are extremely heat resistant, making them the perfect choice for those who have to work with heat. The fact is that they are ubiquitous in welding foundries or laboratories. They can work well at temperatures up to 2,000ºF.

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Coated Fabric Glove

These products provide workers with a little extra protection against cuts, punctures, and chemicals. Standard coatings for these models are PVC, Nitrile, and polyurethane.

Leather Glove

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Leather glove

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These models offer good grip, high insulation, and fantastic durability. In addition, they are thicker than regular fabric, providing a higher level of protection.

Puncture-Resistant Glove

These products are most commonly used in the automotive,  fabrication, and construction industries, where you have to use vibrating tools throughout the day.

Working Gloves Export Market in Vietnam

Here are the leading work glove manufacturers in Vietnam. They are the primary supply source for domestic and foreign markets.

Viet Glove JSC

This company was established in 2009. Their products are widely used in various industries, such as beauty salons, restaurants, tattoo parlors, laboratories, hospitals, and more.

Their customers are mainly from Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Latin America.

Showa Gloves Vietnam

Showa Gloves Vietnam is a subsidiary of Showa Gloves Japan, established in 1954. Currently, they are one of the largest glove manufacturers in Southeast Asia. 

They export 100% of their products to Europe, Japan, and America. In addition to Showa Gloves Vietnam, Showa Gloves has branches in Malaysia, Vietnam, France, and the US.

White Glove

White Glove was established in 1983 in Seoul. However, they set up their production, research, and development center in Dong Nai in 2005. It is also their first overseas branch.

VRG Khai Hoan JSC

VRG Khai Hoan JSC was established in 2006. Currently, they own two factories in Vietnam and produce about four billion gloves per year.

Besides supplying products to Vietnam, they also export to international markets, such as Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and more.

Nacol Industrial

This company was established in Vietnam in 1997. Currently, they are cooperating with more than 200 Vietnamese factories from different industries. 

Besides, their products are exported to international markets such as Australia, Japan, China, Europe, Africa, and America.

Top Glove

This company was established in 1991 with headquarters in Malaysia. Currently, they have opened twelve branch offices and forty-four factories in seven countries, including Brazil, Germany, Vietnam, China, and Thailand.

This company is considered one of the largest manufacturers of gloves in the country. Today, they employ more than 18,000 people, with the capacity to produce more than 73.4 billion pairs of gloves annually.


Auntex was established in Korea in 1964 and located its factory in Vietnam. Its products are suitable for gardening, construction, industry, machine repair and maintenance, and more.

How to Import Working Gloves From Vietnam?

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Shipping process

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If you want to import this item from Vietnam, here is the information that you should know:

Regulations on Import and Export

According to current regulations of Vietnamese law, work gloves are not on the list of goods banned from export. Therefore, it is feasible to import this commodity from Vietnam.

In addition, you need to check your country’s list of prohibited goods for a smooth transit.

Procedures for Importing Protective Gloves

  • Management on Declaration Value

Protective gloves belong to the list of management on declaration value. Therefore, in some cases, customs will require consultation.

  • Customs procedure

The customs clearance process for importing this item is similar to that of other common goods. In addition, you need to submit additional quality test results.

  • Label for Import Items

Imported goods need to be fully labeled according to current regulations.

Typically, the importation of a shipment consists of seven stages:

Before signing the contract

  • Contract
  • Payment
  • Delivery
  • Clearance
  • Recieve
  • After customs clearance.

So, if you are inexperienced, you should get help from a trusted third party, such as Vncomex.

Duties, Taxes on Importing This Item

When importing protective gloves, the importing party needs to pay import tax and value-added tax (VAT).

  • The preferential import tax rate is 7-10%
  • VAT for work gloves is 10%.

Shipping Cost and Time

Shipping costs and import time are closely related.

Depending on the nature of the goods and the level of requirements, international imported goods can be transported by sea, by air, by road, or by express delivery.

Therefore, you need to consider carefully to make the most suitable decision.

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 That is all about what you need to know about the topic “import Working gloves from Vietnam.” As you can see, the import process can be a challenge for the inexperienced.

It’s time to work with us! If you have any further queries, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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