Making Pellets from Rice Husk, A Sustainable and Profitable Way

Rice husk is the byproduct of rice processing, the weight of which can amount to 20% of the rice. Rice husk is a kind of renewable energy widely used in sugaring or as fuels for industry or home heating. While as the content of combustible is more than 70%, the most important use of rice husk is to use as fuel.

The source of rice husks in Vietnam is always stable because of the rice export market
The source of rice husks in Vietnam is always stable because of the rice export market

Traditionally, rice husk can be burned directly in the boiler, or be processed into bulk. However, the rice husk cannot be burned efficiently by using the above ways since the density of rice husk is low. And what’s more, there is much air pollution when burning the rice husk directly. While how to use rice husk efficiently? To transfer the rice husk into biomass pellets can be an available solution.

There are some advantages to make the rice husks into wood pellets. First, rice husk pellets can burn longer than rice husk. After being pelletized, the combustion rate of rice husk can run up to above 95%. Second, rice husk pellets are easier to be stored. When rice husks are made into pellets, the density is greatly improved which making them more convenient to be stored in large quantity. Third, rice husk pellets burn cleaner. When burning directly, the ash content of rice husk is about 15-16%, while the ash content of rice husk pellet is only about 6-7%. Here in the following we will make a comparison about the parameters of rice husk and rice husk pellet.

From the above chart, we can know that it is an efficient way to make rice husks into pellets. In addition, compared with other raw materials for making pellets, the diameter of rice husks is about 2-3mm, so when they are pelletizing into pellets, they don’t need to be crushed and since the moisture content of rice husks is low, so they are easier to be pressed into pellets. The demand for biomass pellets has exploded in recent years. While as a kind of biomass pellets, rice husk pellets also have a broad market.

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