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Vietnam is the fourth-largest global exporter of Bamboo products with a substantial 1.4 million hectares of Bamboo forests. However, the country’s Bamboo processing industry faces challenges such as small-scale enterprises, outdated technology, and low mechanization. Consequently, Bamboo products often have limited production and minimal added value, leaving rural Bamboo farmers in Vietnam struggling with poverty.

Bamboo King Vina has invested in a 15-hectare bamboo processing plant with warehouse facilities covering up to 6 hectares. The current total investment stands at 41 million dollars. 

Our factory has a daily capacity of 1,500 tons to meet bamboo’s demand as “Green Steel” in construction. We’ve created employment opportunities for 1,500 direct workers and 80,000 indirect workers, helping poverty eradication.

We are committed to making Bamboo a key economic sector by constantly investing in advanced technology, expanding business scale, and enhancing the economic cycle.

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Bai Bui Industrial Cluster, Lang Chanh Town, Lang Chanh District, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
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