Black Charcoal

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  • Made in: Vietnam
  • Brand: Vncomex
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Black charcoal is made up of pure carbon and can be used as fuel for a furnace or furnace gas. The charcoal can also be used to make pigments, such as iron oxide, which can be mixed with other materials to create paints and dyes.

1. Introduction Black Charcoal

Black charcoal is a type of carbon that is found in the form of black or dark gray flakes. It is used in many industries, including the production of steel.

It is a dark, carbon-rich material that is burnt to create heat and light. It has been used by humans for thousands of years to cook food, as well as in religious rites.

The most common types of black charcoal are:

– Charcoal made from oak wood, which produces a light gray ash

– Charcoal made from pine wood, which produces a dark gray ash

– Charcoal made from beechwood, which produces a deep brown ash

– Charcoal made from maplewood, which produces an orangey brown ash.

Black charcoal is a type of carbon that is made by heating organic material in the absence of oxygen. It is commonly used in cooking and as a drawing medium.

2. Specifications Black Charcoal

Black charcoal can be found in the form of beads or powder and can also be used to make black ink. Black charcoal is often used as a drawing medium because it has the ability to absorb and hold large amounts of ink.


  • Moisture content : Max 4%    
  • Ash content: Max 2%    
  • Fixed carbon content : Min 92%    
  • Calorific value : Min 7800 kcal/kg 


  • Materials: chestnut wood, konia wood    
  • Shape: Solid stick    
  • Diameter: 3-8 cm    
  • Length: cut as customer’s request (5-20 cm)  
  • Burning time: 4 – 5 hours    
  • Usage: BBQ, Keep Air Fresh, water filter ,Industry,…