Proposal to suspend bringing goods to Lang Son border gate

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Faced with the situation of thousands of vehicles congested at the border and limited cargo clearance capacity, Lang Son province has advised provinces to temporarily stop bringing goods.

Proposal to suspend bringing goods to Lang Son border gate
Proposal to suspend bringing goods to Lang Son border gate

According to a report of the functional branch of Lang Son province, currently in the province there are still more than 2,000 cars carrying import and export goods in stock. Two border gates Huu Nghi (Cao Loc district) and Chi Ma (Loc Binh district), only 50-60 cars a day.

Faced with that situation, the People’s Committee of Lang Son province has issued a document to provinces and cities across the country asking for coordination in directing and recommending to temporarily stop bringing goods to the border gate of Lang Son province to export.

Accordingly, Lang Son proposed that the People’s Committees of provinces and centrally run cities continue to recommend organizations, enterprises, production, export, and transport service businesses,… from now to the Lunar New Year Year of 2022; temporarily suspending the delivery of goods (especially those that are currently congested at the border gate such as fresh fruit, tapioca starch, peeled boards…) to the border gates of Lang Son province for export to China.

At present, some border gates of the province such as Tan Thanh, Coc Nam and other auxiliary border gates in Lang Son have not yet been cleared of customs.

Meanwhile, the Chinese authorities have announced that they plan to suspend imports of refrigerated goods during the Lunar New Year of 2022 (pause 14 days before Tet and 14 days after Tet).

In order to solve the congestion at the Lang Son border, the People’s Committees of provinces and cities (especially those with large agricultural and fruit growing areas) direct all levels, branches and localities to proactively capture information, export situation at border gates to advise, guide and control enterprises, production and export facilities, freight transport services, etc. to proactively regulate export goods reasonably, avoid massively sending to the border gate causing congestion at the border gate.

Actively grasping regulations on standards, regulations and quality regulations of China’s imported goods to support and guide traders to be proactive in production, preliminary processing, packaging, labeling,… meet regulations, strictly control the sterilization and disinfection of goods, prevent infection with Sars-CoV2 virus on goods and packages (especially for preserved goods in refrigerated containers).


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