The best wood pellets and rice husk pellets

Do you work in agriculture and need materials to line livestock or spread around tree bases to balance the pH of the soil?
Most importantly, you are concerned about the environment. Need a fuel for your life and business while also protecting the environment?
Do you have a family and are looking for a different type of fuel to use instead of oil, gas, or coal for cooking and heating that is also inexpensive and safe for the entire family?
Are you a company that works in industrial or civil electricity and is looking for a fuel solution that is both cheap and effective?

You are finding.....

Then wood pellets and rice husk pellets are the perfect solution for you!

Tell us whether you're looking for these or not?

Impressive numbers


One ton of wood pellets & rice husk pellets are equal to 120 gallons of oil (approximately $4.33/ gallon). Wood pellets produce the same BTU energy as petroleum but are 42% cheaper.


One ton of wood pellets & rice husk pellets are equal to 170 gallons of propane (approximately $2,598 per gallon). Wood pellets produce the same BTU energy as propane but are 33% less expensive.


One ton of wood pellets & rice husk pellets are equal to 16,000 cubic feet of natural gas (approximately $14.3/ 1000 cubic feet). Despite the fact that natural gas is 24% cheaper than wood pellets, natural gas is not available in cold weather regions, where wood pellets are an effective alternative fuel.


One ton of wood pellets & rice husk pellets are equal to 4,755 kWh of electricity (approximately $0.102/ kWh). Wood pellets produce the same BTU energy as electricity but are 38% less expensive.

Using wood & rice husk pellets to produce the same amount of energy saves about half the cost.

Why are more and more countries turning to wood pellets and rice husk pellets?

     Burning wood & rice husk pellets not only reduces costs but also less harmful to the environment than burning coal. Furthermore, because wood & rice husk pellets do not contain sulfur impurities like coal, the amount of carbon dioxide produced is extremely low, resulting in clean gas standards that meet European standards, making it very environmentally friendly.

     After burning all of the remaining heat from 1000 kg of wood & rice husk pellets, there will be 10-15 kg of clean ash. The type of Biomass ash used to fertilize plants, fertilize fields, and make microbial fertilizers is the amount of waste (the amount of ash after burning).

     As a result, the use of wood & rice husk pellets not only increases economic efficiency but also helps to solve waste sources in manufacturing, does not pollute the environment, and limits fire and explosion.

The composition of wood pellets

1. Material: Acacia, rubber, mixed wood
2. Size: 12mm and 8mm
3. Density: 573 kg/m3
4. Moisture: 8,69%
5. Ash content: 1,05%
6. Gross Calorific value: 4000 - 4800 kcal/ kg
7. Sulfur content: 0.05%

The composition of rice husk pellets

1. Material: 100% rice husk
3. Moisture: 3,97%
4. Color: Natural yellow
5. Gross Calorific value: 3800-4100kcal/kg
6. Ash content: 15-17%
7. Diameter: 8-12mm

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Product quality - Wood pellets

Product quality - Rice husk pellets

The manufacturing procedure

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Used as fuel

Used as fuel for industries and civil use or can be used as fuel for cooking in households

Used as fuel

Used to heat instead of fuels, electric heaters, fireplaces, coal, etc

Used in agriculture

Strip around the base of the tree helps to increase nutrients, reduce acidity, and balance the soil's pH

Used in agriculture

Barn, animal farm, cattle, and poultry underlay

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